Photos/Video: Plane Makes Emergency Landing

February 4, 2018

[Updated with video] Emergency services responded to the L.F. Wade International Airport early this morning [Feb 4] for an American Airlines flight that was making an emergency landing due to “possible fire in the cargo hold”.

The flight, which was traveling from New York to Brazil, had diverted to Bermuda.

Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson Acting Lieutenant Russann Francis said, “On Sunday, February 04, 2018 at 12:18am, Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service Emergency Dispatch Center received a call from Maritime radio representative, Mr. Alan Bailey.

“He stated that “an American Airlines flight AA973 on its way from John F. Kennedy Airport, New York to Brazil will make an emergency landing in Bermuda due to possible fire in the cargo hold.”

“The AA flight was reported to carry 201 souls and 156,000 pounds of fuel remaining on board. Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service [BFRS] were standing by on scene with 10 vehicles and 12 personnel as the flight landed safely in Bermuda at 12:42am.

“BFRS personnel assisted with the evacuation of all passengers and currently have 5 personnel appropriately suited with breathing apparatus performing a search of the rear cargo hold.”

Bermuda Police closed Kindley Field Road to vehicular traffic as the plane approached for landing and re-opened the road after it was safe to do so.

Update 3.57pm: Skyport confirmed that the vast majority of passengers remained at the airport overnight and were rebooked on American’s scheduled flights to JFK and Miami this morning, while other passengers have opted to book hotel accommodations and remain on-island instead, while alternative flight arrangements are made.

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7764

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7810

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7659

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7652

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7671

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7749

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7726

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7768

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7812

American Airlines 973 Diversion Bermuda, February 3 2018-7672

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Comments (18)

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  1. Lofl says:

    Good Job folks ! ;)

  2. Y says:

    I always have a fear that one day a plane makes an emergency landing for a sick person and that person has a contagion which causes a pandemic and we all die

    • Hollywood says:

      You have watched too many Hollywood thrillers….

    • puzzled says:

      Don’t be an ass “Y”.

      People get off planes everyday and you were one at sometime.

      That’s the dumbest comment I have read in years (excluding Donald Trumps)

    • Stovecat says:

      Oh dear. As there’s an option, consider spending your thought energies on something that will make you feel good instead of fearful. Maybe think about how you could take a plane to a warm vacation in a Hawiian resort. Or how you are going to get yourself an ice cream.

  3. JohnBoy says:

    What was the outcome? Fire or no fire?

  4. Rogerio Vieira says:

    Why AA company did not offer even a glass of water to the passengers until now, 8 hours at the airport waiting for a solution ?

    • It's Me says:

      At times like this, the Bermuda Red Cross should be called out. They would have taken care of the practical needs of the passengers and assisted anyone who was having an emotional reaction to the emergency. They have trained volunteers to take care of people in crisis/potential crisis situations.

      • What?? says:

        You know who else has trained people for situations like this? American Airlines! Where were their staff?

  5. A says:

    What happened to the 200 people attempting to fly to Rio? Will the aircraft take off to Rio at some point or are they being flown back to the USA?

  6. Spanner breath says:

    The current govt boosting air travel.:)

    Well done to all involved.

  7. Hollywood says:

    The SOULS deserve proper care, food and water and a hotel room !

  8. Kathy says:

    And….was there a fire in the cargo hold or not?

  9. So glad every thing went good & everyone is safe. U all have taken some NICE PHOTOS. BEAUTIFUL . WELL DONE

  10. BermieBorn says:

    Well done everyone.

  11. puzzled says:

    You all missed it.

    10 vehicles and 12 personell.

    That’s ten trucks one driver each. Now that’s emergency response.

    What the hell the other two doing.

    Man I need a double.

  12. Gregg says:

    I don’t know why they have the gate across and locked as if this country is Communist because last nights situation could have been a disaster and that gate is a potential hazardous dangerous idea. Please remove, only country in the world like this!

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