Deloitte Release 2020/21 ‘Budget Snapshot’

February 21, 2020

Following the delivery of the 2020 Budget by Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson this morning [Feb 21] in the House of Assembly, Deloitte released a ‘Budget Snapshot’, which highlights some of the key points from the Budget Speech, and follows in full below. You can click here to view our live blog, and click here to view all our coverage of the 2020 Budget.

The 2020 Deloitte Bermuda Budget Snapshot is below [PDF here]

Bermuda Budget Snapshot 2020

click here Bermuda 2020 budget

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  1. Onion_peels says:

    I’m reminded of that old saying ‘you tax what you want less of”

    Want to reduce problem drinking? Raise alcohol taxes.
    Want to reduce smoking? Raise tobacco taxes.
    Want to reduce obesity? Raise sugar taxes.
    Want to reduce high paying jobs? Raise payroll tax.

    It seems to be working like a charm.

  2. Checking says:

    Thinking there is an error in the Deloitte snapshot. It shows payroll tax increases on all bands above $48k but says employees earning under $96k will be paying less?

  3. What says:

    They just hit hard working Bermuda with 2% more tax on their earnings. Cost of living increases and less money in the pocket, This is not a Labour Party in any way. Stop hurting labour!