March 31: Deadline For BTA Tourism Programme

March 24, 2020

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] reminds local entrepreneurs that the deadline for applications to its Experience Investment Programme is on Tuesday, March 31st.

A spokesperson said, “Despite Covid-19 uncertainty, the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] is reminding local entrepreneurs the deadline for applications to its Experience Investment Programme closes a week today, Tuesday, March 31.

“The current intake aims to recruit the best tourism-related ideas for potential launch in the second half of 2020 to help drive tourism’s recovery; decisions on submitted applications will be delayed pending clarity on that timeframe.

“A dozen applicants have begun the online application process for this year’s first round of the programme.

“Entrepreneurs should align their ideas with the National Tourism Plan, in particular with a focus on four key areas of the visitor experience: food, cultural sites, superyachts, and Bermuda’s historical connection to tennis. However, applications that fall outside these specific interest areas are also accepted.

“The last group of entrepreneurs approved for funding in late 2019 and now finalising contracts includes:

  • “Rum Punch Brunch, that stages curated brunch experiences followed by day parties at re-purposed cultural venues.
  • “PinkSand Entertainment, which produces all-inclusive packages for “Made in Bermuda Nights”.
  • “X2O Adventures, that operates at Daniel’s Head, Sandys, and specializes in water experiences with a family-friendly atmosphere.
  • “Future Leaders Bermuda, which partners with overseas organisations to create personalised school, research, educational and cultural expeditions, along with volunteer itineraries for group trips to Bermuda.

“To submit applications, get more information, or access workshop presentations on the programme, visit here.

“A separate BTA online proposal process exists for those putting together a sports-tourism event.”

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  1. Awakening says:

    The B T A needs to be terminated as a whole. They are not able to earn their keep in these new realities. Most of us are affected by this new reality and can not imagine people having the money or desire to travel any time within a couple of years . Further more those that are able to travel and can pass any future restrictions at our gateway cities to travel. Will not need of the B T A or any organization to persuade them on their destination as the internet will keep the world informed as to who and what is open for business. This time will allow Bermuda to get our house in order and get proper procedures in place as to who and what requirements tourist must have to enter our shores. It would be comforting to know that our politicians don’t make another near fatal mistake in welcoming a cruise ships when we know that we are unable to deal with an emergency on board.