MarketPlace Advises To “Shop Sensibly”

March 16, 2020 | 5 Comments

The MarketPlace is advising customers to “shop sensibly” in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesperson said, “The MarketPlace is advising customers to shop sensibly and only shop for what the need in light of the novel coronavirus [Covid-19] pandemic.”

Seth Stutzman, President of The MarketPlace, said, “We strongly encourage customers to shop sensibly, shop for what you need and be mindful others, especially those most vulnerable in our society. We are experiencing high volume and our team is working hard to ensure we are stocked to meet growing demand.

“With no concerns from our suppliers, we have doubled and tripled orders on key items. We are working to keep our shelves stocked as quickly as possible.”

The spokesperson said, “Sanitation and safety have always been a top priority here at The MarketPlace group of stores. Along with putting a continued focus on our current high standards, we are taking additional precautionary steps. We have increased the frequency of sanitising high-traffic touchpoints [door handles, carts, surfaces, food service areas etc.].

“We are doing everything we can to provide a safe shopping experience for our valued customers and a healthy environment for associates and communities.

“In this fast-moving environment, we will provide updates when appropriate and in alignment with Government health guidelines as we remain committed to providing quality items to our hard-working customers.

“This is a time for all of us to embrace our communities and work together to help each other. We thank our customers for trusting us during this difficult time.

“For the latest updates, visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at The MarketPlace Ltd.”

You can view all our coverage of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic here, and our continuously updated live blog here.

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  1. Concerned Bermudian says:

    If you see elders, ask them if they need help finding anything. Let them go to the front of the lines. Let’s be proud to be Bermudian.

  2. MB says:

    How about pricing sensibly too

  3. Light Bulb over the Head says:

    All the morons on this island bought up every last drop of any form of santizing alcohol. People are crazy. The virus is not even here yet, and you greedy and selfish people horde it all for yourself and so many people cannot get one small bottle now. I hope all you greedy people use up your boxes of sanitzer in paranoia, before the virus even eventually reaches Bermuda. Think about it. You all buy it all and stash it, being selfish. Then the virus does come and you dont have any, and nobody has any. Truly stupid.

  4. Anbu says:

    Hows abt you guys “the grocers” put a limit on how many “essential” items can be purchased?! Ah who am i kidding? Thatd be the sensible thing to do but would cut into your profits wouldnt it? Pls dont act like retailers dont foam at the bit for the morons who panic buy. Stop it.

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