BDA Watersports Re-Opens In Sandys

June 10, 2020

BDA Watersports has re-opened at the Robinson’s Marina in Sandys, offering a variety of water sport activities and excursions.

Speaking at the re-opening today, Minister Of Tourism And Transport Zane DeSilva said, “Good afternoon, I am honoured to be here for the reopening of BDA Watersports, here at Robinson’s Marina, Somerset Bridge, Sandys Parish, and introduce Tony Roache, his son David Roach and partner Shima Sarabi.

“For over 30 years, BDA Watersports has provided an assortment of water sport activities and excursions. The company has been integral to the island’s tourism industry since day one and serves as a valued resource for locals and tourists alike, enabling everyone to enjoy our picturesque pristine ocean environment.

“This family-owned and run business was founded by Tony Roach in 1990 after some convincing by his three children and loving wife. Tony, originally a dedicated teacher, who worked long days and rarely arrived home before 7 pm, sought an alternative career that would give him more quality time with his family. And so he did, moving on to BDA Watersports.

“When he first launched the company, Tony had just enough kayaks to give small tours and lessons. Over time, the company expanded to a full Watersports facility offering Jet Ski tours, boat rentals, kayaks, paddleboards, fishing and snorkel equipment.

“In 2019, after many years at the helm of BDA Watersports, Tony made the hard decision to retire from managing the family business.

“Fortunately, however, the story does not end there. Tony’s son, David Roache, and partner Shima Sarabi decided to take over the business to continue the family legacy, and I have no doubt take it from strength to strength.

“So as Bermuda continues on the path of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and we go through the phases of returning to what will be the new “business as usual”, post COVID-19, it is encouraging to see a local business, especially one that has stood the test of time, ready to embark on the next phase of its journey.

“Now on behalf of the Government, the Ministry of Tourism and Transport and all people of Bermuda, I thank you for your continued commitment to our island home and best wishes for your continued success.”

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  1. Pink says:

    Why was there a press conference to announce this?

    • comfortably numb says:

      Perhaps because it is related to tourism and the Minister Of Tourism is acknowledging the Roache family’s 30 year dedication to locals and tourists looking to enjoy Bermuda waters and their investment faith in Bermuda tourism going forward?

  2. Patricia Wade says:

    Really Glad you are back open!!!