Police Officer Suspended Following Online Post

June 7, 2020

The police confirmed that an officer has been suspended from duty due to a “disturbing social media post” and an investigation is underway.

The online post by the police officer reportedly contained an image which stated, “all lives splatter, no one cares about your protest”, and has sparked outcry on social media, with calls for the officer to be dismissed.

Steven Corbishley, the Commissioner of Police, said: “Police officers are expected to uphold the highest standards of professional behaviour on and off duty.

“Several officer brought the matter subject to investigation, to the attention of the BPS, Professional Standards Department. That reflects the commitment to address acts of misconduct by the service at all levels.”

Commissioner Corbishley added, “The Bermuda Police Service acknowledges the anger and frustration that has arisen as a result of the disturbing social media post by an officer of the Bermuda Police Service.

“That image is not in line with the core values and ethos of the BPS. The officer in question has been suspended and the disciplinary process has commenced.

“I have always maintained that diversity and inclusion are the hallmark of a well-balanced community and organisation. During my time as Commissioner I have sought to promote embracing our differences and celebrating our commonalities.

“It is clear that there is still work that must be done and I am committed to ensuring we as an organisation, understands the value that everyone brings to this community.”

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  1. Imjustsaying says:

    She should be fired.

    • sage says:

      For sure, and an independent review of any cases handled by this ‘person’.

  2. FU Officer says:

    Fire that piece of shi1..

  3. Seriously? says:

    What a repulsive human being. Pathetic. Being Bermudian makes it worse. No time for this nastiness anymore. Hope she’s fired.

  4. CasualReader says:

    What exactly did that person post online? Are we really in a place where we fire people for whatever they think/say?

    • sage says:

      You better believe it, she posted an image promoting that protesters should be run over in the street for exercising their right to protest police brutality and murder. This sick individual has no place in any police force where her disturbed world view can be brought to bear upon others. Her pay and excellent benefits along with insurance fully paid and a gold plated pension paid for by us needs to be immediately suspended. She isn’t the only one thinking that way but she was dumb enough to post it on the internet. Maybe a job sorting garbage at the dump away from others could be offered with a strict probationary period. Defund the police.

  5. Real says:

    Yes she should be fired. People that think like her is the reason why the world is protesting. The police force should be officer that care and is concern about police and public relations.

  6. Well well says:

    There must be something done ! Dismissed to the public/private sector for a job ! Totally Disgusting and immoral behavior from someone paid with the people’s money. It’s a shame she was even Hired ! But obviously she’s not the only one . We know it’s there ! So her records must show some types of trends towards her behavior. So who’s responsible for keeping her employed all this time . We must be desperate for police officers if this type of person makes the cut !!

  7. Oh,I see now says:

    Silly is as silly does.She does not reflect the police service only her immature nature.Whomever she was trying to impress with this statement have already distanced themselves.