Police: “The Matter Remains Under Review”

July 15, 2020

[Updated] “The matter remains under review,” the police have stated in reference to the police officer who was suspended five weeks ago for a “disturbing social media post.”

On June 7th, the police confirmed that an officer had been suspended from duty due to a “disturbing social media post.” The online post, which was made just prior to the Black Lives Matter march, reportedly contained an image which stated, “all lives splatter, no one cares about your protest.”

A recent statement from the Social Justice Bermuda group said, “We see that the Bermuda Police Service has noted their intention to receive ‘unconscious bias’ training from CURB [Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda], which is a start, but it leads to more questions.”

The group noted that a police officer “posted an inflammatory meme which threatened Black Lives Matter protesters,” and said it “demonstrated that she has neither the judgement nor empathy to be in a position of power on this island.”

“One month ago, Social Justice Bermuda called for her to be fired and for her cases to be reviewed,” they said. ”In our public requests for updates, we have been told that there is a set process to be followed, and that there is no designated timeline they can share.”

Noting they understand that the officer is suspended with pay, the group added, “In the meantime, we are left to wonder if in fact, justice will be served.”

“Shouldn’t a review of her cases be underway right now? Will this even happen as part of the ‘due process’? What exactly would a Bermuda Police Officer need to do to be fired on the spot?

“Social Justice Bermuda awaits answers to these questions. Otherwise, the training will do very little to demonstrate that the Bermuda Police Service is committed to the people of this island.”

In response to the request for an update, the police said “the matter remains under review.”

Update: The group amended, said it is their understanding the officer is suspended with pay.

Update July 15, 2.20pm: Stephen Corbishley, the Commissioner of Police, today stated: “I recognise the concerns of the Social Justice Bermuda Group in regards to the recent suspension of a police officer to the posting of an inflammatory meme on social media.

“I also recognize the deep hurt and anger this particular incident has caused the community. However, the due process we are obliged to follow in such matters takes time, not least as there is also need to engage with the DPPs office to ascertain if the matter should also be subject to a criminal investigation.

“Whilst I am not able to comment specifically on the stage we are at with this particular case I do highlight the following as it applies to all misconduct investigations we deal with, which are additionally subject to oversight by the Independent Police Complaints Authority.

“Matters of wrongdoing, both misconduct and gross misconduct, are investigated in line with the Police Codes of Conduct and Bermuda Labour Laws. There is due process to follow and this has to be observed. This can include legal representations for the person to which the allegation is made. We also will liaise with the DPPs office when evidence of criminal wrongdoing is suspected. An officer, if suspended, will still receive their salary as they are not guilty until proven otherwise, again a position of civil and criminal law.

“Upon completion of an investigation, a decision will be made, if evidence has been established to confirm the matter is one of gross misconduct, to appoint a disciplinary panel with an Independent Chair to hear all the evidence [in line with any judicial process] who have responsibility to decide whether the case is proved or not proved on a balance of probability and what sanction should be given, which covers a range of outcomes including dismissal. When this sanction is decided upon, the outcome will be published.

“Whilst this may be frustrating for some who seek ‘immediate justice’ we are legally obliged to adhere to the Police Codes of Conduct. It also takes time and allows those accused to have access to a fair and unbiased disciplinary process.

“As Commissioner I am committed to never ‘brush things under the carpet’ but equally we must always ensure integrity in justice based on fact and judgement.”

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  1. sage says:

    Fire that woman, she has no place being a law enforcement officer.

  2. Mixitup says:

    I am not comfortable with aN office this vile. She needs to be removed from serving a population that she’d like to see splatter.

    • The worst part is there are people who think like her that work in our hospital, banking institutes, CEO’s and other decision positions.

      • bluenose says:

        You seem to know a lot about what certain people think. Any evidence for your assertion? For example, to which CEO’s are you referring? Or is it just some of your usual hyperbole?

      • Turtle T says:

        my god you are an utter genius trust you don’t forget it works in reverse and on Both sides of the fence just saying

      • Now Ya Nice says:

        Onion Juice – let’s not forget our Government leaders .

  3. Rica says:


  4. Moses with a staff says:

    You overreact over nothing, calm down. Stop demonizing everyone over the slightest thing. All lives splatter directly would mean all people can die. I dont see in it any racism or any threat, but a mere observation. Not everyone has to believe exactly how you believe, and frankly all you people are dividing society further than this virus is. All lives do matter, and anyone who does not agree to that is a racist and bigot.

    • sage says:

      Do you really think we are as stupid as you look? Her post was encouraging idiots to run over people who were exercising their right to protest, thankfully it did not happen here but there were multiple cases of people running cars into protesters around the world.

      • Piss Ant says:

        your interpretation and a bit misguided me thinks. encouraging???

      • saud says:

        No, it wasn’t her post. It was a meme she and many others stupidly shared.
        She should be fired, prosecuted and sent ‘back to her country’!

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      we found the ACTUAL racist and bigot lmao…..

  5. ella says:

    Totally agree!

  6. BoomBoom says:

    All lives matter.

  7. Nigel spider says:

    Hey commish… While your at it give us an update on the guy who broke the curfew rules. We ain’t heard nothing since. Now tell that woman “Your Fired!!!”

  8. jj ff says:

    I have had direct contact with this officer who handled my case. I was extremely pleased with her as an officer, she was kind and went above and beyond the call of duty.

    So maybe her cases Should be reviewed.