‘Full Pay During The Period She Was Suspended’

October 26, 2021

Barbi Bishop — the police officer who posted the “all lives splatter” meme on social media and was suspended until she resigned — was “on full pay during the period she was suspended from duty.”

Back in June 2020 the police confirmed that an officer was suspended from duty due to a “disturbing social media post”, and around 15 months later, the police confirmed that they “accepted her resignation with her last working day being the 27th September.”

In 2020 the Department of Public Prosecutions approved a charge against her of allegedly “sending a grossly offensive message via a public electronic communications service,” however in August 2021 the court ruled that the “criminal proceedings against the Applicant be dismissed.”

The court document [PDF] which was dated August 27, 2021, noted that she remained suspended, stating, “”It appears that the disciplinary proceedings served upon the Applicant as long ago as 5 June 2020, alleging gross misconduct, are still pending, and the Applicant remains suspended from duty.”

In response to queries from Bernews seeking information on whether she was on full pay during the time she was suspended from 2020 to 2021, a police spokesperson said, “PC Bishop was on full pay during the period she was suspended from duty.”

Ms Bishop’s lawyer noted that this is standard, as all suspended officers are on full pay until the outcome of their investigation.

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