Column: Glenn Fubler On Heroes Day

June 15, 2020

[Opinion column written by Glenn Fubler]

Significantly, Heroes Day falls on Monday, June 15th, the anniversary of the beginning of the Theatre Boycott. That heroic campaign in 1959 provided Bermuda with a breath of fresh air. The two weeks of civic action by ordinary people produced extraordinary results, producing a key watershed in the transformation of our island’s formal institutionalized racism.

We observe this anniversary in 2020 at a time of pandemic and a global response to millions witnessing the video of the murder of George Floyd. Pinned to the ground by four peace officers, the handcuffed ‘Big George’s’ final message – ‘I can’t breathe’ – has been heard by most of the human family thanks to social media. This has produced an aha moment throughout the U.S. and across the globe, including here in Bermuda.

The resulting momentum suggests that many people of all backgrounds are transforming their empathic pain resulting from observing that stark cruelty by recognizing that we can breathe. Accessing this sense of empowerment, millions across the globe are reawakening to the reality that we can all make a difference as we think globally and act locally.

That action could be best guided by the perspective left us by Brother Martin, suggesting that the focus be not only on who murdered him, but what murdered him.

Our community’s reconnection with iconic transformational touchstones – such as the Theatre Boycott – reminds us all that we stand on the shoulders of giants. In truly appreciating that perspective, we can be mindful of accessing the big picture.

Imagine Bermuda joined the Social Justice Bermuda march to continue the global momentum, assisting in the recounting of the story of the Theatre Boycott with the view to remind today’s generation on whose shoulders we stand.

In observing this holiday weekend, as we enjoy a time of recreation, please access the courage to include some reflection on our individual and collective fears. This offers a time to recognize the hero in ourselves and in all others.

Please use this weekend with family and friends – social distancing – to nurture and celebrate the hero within!

- Glenn Fubler


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