Column: ‘Must Ensure Momentum Is Not Lost’

June 10, 2020

Craig Cannonier Bermuda December 2018[Opinion column written by OBA Leader Craig Cannonier]

I’ve been reflecting on the Black Lives Matter march. At the time there was so much emotion it was difficult to take in the enormity of what was taking place. It was a momentous event – hopefully, a watershed moment in Bermuda’s history.

The sheer scale of it and the diversity on display was phenomenal. The atmosphere was electric but calm. It was, without doubt, the most moving event I have ever experienced.

So, what were the results of my reflections? It is clear that we cannot let this moment drop – we cannot think that taking part in one march means the deep-seated and complex wrongs and injustices in our society have been magically fixed. This march cannot erase the memories of black people, it will not fix overnight the disparities in our society.

However, it is a start and shows that we can come together, as one, with a clearly unified message that Black Lives Matter. This is what gives me hope.

We can only solve issues of racial injustices together – black and white working in tandem to question certain practices and to demand change. But once those changes come – and they must – white people cannot suddenly back off. If you agree with change, you have to accept the change that comes.

The event on Sunday demonstrates that there has been a big shift in people’s mentality. I have not seen such scenes before in Bermuda and I was grateful to be able to take part.

People in Bermuda and across the world have come together to confront systemic injustices and ask for solutions and change. There is still much work to be done – we must ensure momentum is not lost.

- Craig Cannonier


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  1. George says:

    “If you agree with change, you have to accept the change that comes.” Why would anyone (regardless of what race you are) agree with this statement if you aren’t aware of what that change entails ahead of time?

  2. Toejam Express says:

    Will the current OBA leader accept, publicly, that the Bermuda Police Service use of pepper spray on peaceful protestors in 2016 (which included several seniors and children) was wrong?

  3. Really says:

    If he has never seen such a large march line this before then he was not atthe Gay Pride March!