August Flights: JetBlue, Air Canada, Delta, BA

July 15, 2020

[Updated] Skyport released the flight schedule for August, with JetBlue, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, and British Airways all scheduled to serve Bermuda.

As compared to this month, August will see the addition of JetBlue from Boston and JFK, and an increased flight schedule from Canada and England.

According to the graphic from Skyport, the schedule for each airline follows below:

  • JetBlue Airways – Tuesdays & Saturdays only, effective August 1
  • Air Canada – Daily except Wednesdays
  • JetBlue Airways – Except Tuesdays & Thursdays, effective August 1
  • Delta Airlines – Daily
  • British Airways – Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Bermuda Skyport Corporation posted the graphic below, saying, “August’s flight schedule includes service via @jetblue from Boston and JFK and increased air lift on @aircanada and @british_airways.”

August’s flight schedule

Updated July 17, 1.30pm: Bermuda Skyport Corporation has updated the flight schedule for August, noting the changes in the graphic below:


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  1. Akita says:

    Don’t you just love it when you find out the flight schedules from the news not your employer :/

  2. traveledge says:

    the Air Canada information is incorrect August is now once a week THURSDAYS

    • Kay says:

      Why all these Canadian flight and nobody can’t even go into Canada for a trip. Canada need to stop punish others for America

  3. Unbelievable says:

    I know we need International flights. I know. But this tells me that Bermuda will live with Covid-19 for at least the rest of the year. Our testing better be on point.

  4. Jah Rastafari says:

    Testing is only one of the weapons we need to deploy against COVID 19. Every person on this Island must follow the directions by Health to social distance, wear masks and stay home whenever possible. One failure can lead to many more infections and deaths. There are many scary days ahead.

  5. Dom Yeo says:

    US just needs to go on a full lockdown of all travel with Washington DC support, masks on. Stay home, indoors.

    60 days. But it’s gotta be disciplined. And a slow phased opening from Thanksgiving, Christmas until Spring Break day 1.

    Is freedom more important than life?