Beau Rivage Restaurant To Permanently Close

July 22, 2020

The Beau Rivage Restaurant, located in Paget, will be closing in September.

Jean-Claude Garzia told Bernews, “It’s been 12 years that I was at Beau Rivage Restaurant, and also created Sanzibar Tapas Burger Bar at the same location, for guests who like quick and easy food.

“My lease is due to end September 1; negotiations happened, but I guess the hotel owner did not like my proposal for the future. He asked if I could stay until the end of December 2020, but I had planned to relocate Beau Rivage in town.

“So I said ‘no, we will be leaving September 1,’ as that was the end of my lease.

“Then the Covid-19 pandemic arrived and I had no choice but to close my business, as did the hotel until July 29. Even if I wanted to reopen Beau Rivage for a month, it would have been impossible.

“I need to be out on September 1, so we permanently closed our doors. My deepest apologies to all staff members, Bermudians and non-Bermudians, who ended up with no work at all; I’m so sorry about that.

“I’m still in operation at JC’s Cafe at 29 Victoria Street for takeout and bistro.”

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