Video: Dolphin Born At Dolphin Quest Bermuda

July 22, 2020

Dolphin Quest announced the birth of a male dolphin calf after Brighton gave birth earlier this month.

The report on the Dolphin Quest website said, “Dolphin Quest Bermuda is excited to announce the birth of a male dolphin calf. After her 366-day pregnancy, which was closely monitored with diagnostic ultrasound, Brighton gave birth at 8:06am ADT on Tuesday, July 7 under the watchful eyes of the Dolphin Quest animal care team.

“As with any newborn, the first weeks are critical. Our animal care team will continue to closely monitor moms and calves around the clock.

“Through voluntary participation in Dolphin Quest’s collaborative University level scientific studies, dolphin mothers and calves are helping scientists better understand the increasing pressures on wild dolphin populations.

“Dolphin Quest has documented and published normal fetal growth charts as well as normal neonatal physiology, behavior and development. This baseline information is shared with oceanariums, zoos and aquariums around the world and is being used by field biologists studying the impact of pollution on wild dolphin reproduction.

“While the Dolphin Quest team has observed successful dolphin births over the years, most people have never seen a newborn dolphin calf up close, watched the dolphin’s social group care for a young calf or observed how the dolphin nurses while swimming underwater.

“Dolphin Quest is inviting visitors to witness this very special time in a dolphin’s early development and to join its efforts to better understand and improve the odds for wild dolphin babies.”

“To date, Dolphin Quest has generated over $5,000,000 in support for vital marine mammal conservation, which is made possible through guest participation in its interactive programs.”

You can read the full story here on the Dolphin Quest website.

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