Reminder: Procedure For Vehicle Examinations

July 22, 2020

The Transport Control Department [TCD] is reminding the public of the required COVID-19 procedure for vehicle examinations.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Transport Control Department [TCD] would like to remind members of the public of the required COVID-19 procedure for vehicle examinations.

“To facilitate physical distancing and streamline the process, whenever possible, TCD encourages all persons to travel alone when bringing their vehicles for inspection.

“Customers attending testing facilities for vehicle examinations must wear a face mask and remain inside their vehicles throughout the entire examination.

“Examiners will not touch vehicles or handle documents. Before starting the examination, customers must place their license certificate on the car dashboard in a location easily visible to the examiner.

“When instructed to proceed, all passengers must immediately exit the vehicle and remain outside the examination building. The only person left inside the vehicle should be the driver.

“Following this, the driver must slowly drive into the inspection lane while paying close attention and listening to the examiner’s instructions. The examiner will instruct the driver when and where to stop.

“Upon successful completion of the vehicle examination, customers are encouraged to practice physical distancing by completing their vehicle relicensing online at eTCD.

“For instructions on setting up an eTCD account, please visit the resources section here.

“The Transport Control Department thanks the public for their patience, cooperation, understanding and continued practice of physical distancing to keep Bermuda safe from the spread of COVID-19.”

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