St. George’s Foundation Restoration Initiative

July 17, 2020

The St. George’s Foundation will begin the restoration of various assets within the Town of St. George, with the Martello Tower Fort and the Gun Powder Magazine to be restored first.

A spokesperson said, “With the renewed energy and funding received from its loyal corporate and individual members combined with a grant from the Bank of Bermuda Foundation, the St. George’s Foundation has decided to begin the restoration of various assets within the Town of St. George and its Related Fortifications.

“This new initiative aligns with the St. George’s Foundation’s mission: “to support the UNESCO World Heritage Site through collaboration, education, and awareness”.

“The first project selected to restore is the Martello Tower Fort and the Gun Powder Magazine just south of it, at Ferry Point Park on Ferry Reach.

“The St. George’s Foundation has identified at least 10 stories relating to the Ferry Point Park for the Education Programme, in no order: The Forts and Gun Powder Magazine, Nature of all things Flora & Fauna, Geology of Lovers Lake, the Whaling Industry of Whale Bone Bay, Bermuda Railway Trail, Original Ferry & Bridges connecting the Main Island and St. George’s, The Ferry Reach Lime Kiln, Military Cemeteries, and Ferry Cottage and Astor House Architecture.

“The opening up of the Martello Tower for public viewing and tours is a priority as it is the most interesting and has the importance of being one of only five surviving in the whole world, which ours in Bermuda has been identified as in the absolute best condition of all!

“As collaboration is key to its mission, the St. George’s Foundation contacted the Bermuda Government Department of Parks Curator, Ms. Francine Trott where it was quickly realized that the Department of Parks is also very interested in providing support for this project as it is a priority item in its budget.

“On Tuesday, 21st July at 8am personnel and volunteers from the Department of Parks and the St. George’s Foundation will meet at Martello Tower to clear out approximately 10 casuarinas of various sizes in the moat, 20 or so other trees on the surrounding ramparts, along with 6 casuarina trees endangering the Gunpowder Magazine. There is also work to be done inside the Fort and on the ramparts to prepare the Tower for public access again.”

Chairman of the SGF Education Working Group, Board Member Ms. Quinell Francis said “These are exciting times as we work to ensure our fortifications are safe and welcoming for all to visit and learn of our great history. SGF aims to ensure we provide our locals and visitors of all age’s enjoyable experiences around our UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

Chairman of the Board, Ms. Cheryl Hayward-Chew also agreed. “The St. George’s Foundation Board is excited to take this first step in a program that is clearly aligned with our new mission of collaboration, education and awareness. We look forward to supporting Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage through tangible initiatives such as this.”

A spokesperson added, “Volunteers are welcome! For more information and in order to ensure COVID-19 restrictions are maintained, please contact the SGF General Manager Peter Frith at or call 536 1637.”

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