Bermuda Pride To Be Observed This Saturday

August 4, 2020 | 3 Comments

The Bermuda Pride 2020 will be observed on Saturday evening [Aug 8] with the event organisers saying that their ”aim this year is to create a space for reflection.”

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Pride 2020 will be observed on the evening of Saturday, August 8th. The organizers continue to work with the Ministry of National Security to obtain an exemption from the regulations limiting the number of people that can congregate.

“If the exemption is granted further details of the event will be published, and participants will be asked to attend with masks and to observe social distancing.

Highlights from last year’s Bermuda Pride Parade

“This year’s celebration will look very different to last year’s, and that’s okay. Given what’s happening globally both with the pandemic and stemming from the events in the United States that have energized discussion around continuing racial inequity, our aim this year is to create a space for reflection. August 8th has been chosen for the date of this reflection because it coincides with the date that protections for ‘sexual orientation’ were added to Bermuda’s Human Rights Act.

“The challenges and achievements of Bermuda’s LGBTQI+ community are part of a broader nexus of challenges and struggles. This year’s Bermuda Pride seeks to highlight that singular community we are all part of.”

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  1. Seascape says:

    While I support the Pride Celebration, I think due to the pandemic the celebration should be done virtually. It will be safer. Why put people at risk in large numbers? Celebrate next year in person when it is safe to do so.

    • Michael says:

      Seascape, Your comment is 100% ON TARGET. However, although I do not have any issues with LGBT lifestyles I see NO REASON why it should be paraded, celebrated and considered something to be proud of. I am straight and I see NO REASON to organise a parade to celebrate it! We should ALL accept differences in people, and I certainly do. I have family and friends who fall into the LGBT ‘category’ and love them all as the parts of my life that they are. The parade IS NOT NECESSARY but I believe those involved think it is… and I accept that! I’m also in agreement wit ‘Jevon’

  2. Jevon says:

    Not impressed!!!

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