Commissiong: “I Will Not Be A Candidate”

August 28, 2020

ROLFE Commissiong-Hoz-8697smSaying that it is “for the good of the party and Bermudians” as he has “chosen not to be a distraction,” Rolfe Commissiong said “I will not be a candidate in the general election.

Mr Commissiong — who was elected as a PLP MP in Pembroke South East with 67.25% of the vote — said, “The incident in question refers to a matter that took place 2 years ago.

“The affected party and I entered into a legally binding confidentiality agreement which prohibits me from speaking further. The matter has been settled and it is closed.

“I understand that last week was the first time the Premier was made aware and he immediately addressed the issue with me.

“The appearance of this issue 2 years after it had been fully resolved reflects political motives of undisclosed parties who are seeking to discredit me & the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party for their own ends.

“I made a comment I shouldn’t have. I made a mistake, I apologized. For the good of the party, and Bermudians who deserve strong leadership in these trying times, I have chosen not to be a distraction. To that end, I will not be a candidate in the general election.

“Out of respect for my family and all the parties involved, I ask that our privacy be respected.

“It has been a pleasure to serve the people in Pembroke South East and I look forward to supporting the new candidate who I know will serve them well.”

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  1. Hey says:

    Ok this is weird , why did you not step down two years ago then?

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Typical PLP hypocrite. Had he not been caught out – he’d still be running.

      • No swing vote says:

        Unlike Jet gate who’s running the obaUbpers party into the ground like the 185 million Morgan’s point hotel we are now stuck paying for thanks to the same circus.

        • Hey says:

          No, the Morgan’s point was a land grab by the PLP, they triggered the guarantee by paying, when it was not due. The Jetgate investigation was published by the OBA CHairman, I read it again last week, do a search and read it yourself.

          • Paul' says:

            The desperation in the ubpersoba party will finally be a RIP October 1st.

            • Come Correct says:

              You just got fact checked and proved wrong and that’s your response? Under 2 different name no less.

          • Now Ya Nice says:

            Yes and while researching it why not research the PLPs own Jetsgate. Google Dr. Brown abd GlobalHue.

            Funny how you forgot to mention. 1.2 million payment to DB
            or ProActoive Berkeley contract that was $60 million over, or TCD contract, DLBE Building Contract that was millions over and filled with controversy, Port Royal contract that was 20 million over, What about Sandys 365, what about that disaster? Hows that going anyway. Or lets talk about Grand Atlantic Project. 1 unit sold and still empty. How many millions wasted there? Oh wait , lets not forget Bermuda Housing Corporation / TStreet, Flatts shadyness. THe government you holp high had $800 million in accounted ofr monies. That does not bother you? Your not bothered by the fact that for years millions were paid to the owners or the Bermuda Emissions Center which was created (as the name suggests) to test the emission levels of cars / trucks etc. Does anyone in the forum know of a single car or truck that was tested and got a reading or failure!? Anyone.

            So, NO SWING VOTE, when you are going to complain about what you are left paying for. Think a bit harder.

          • Fisherman says:

            All you have to do is Google Morgan’s Point, Bermuda…. hint..Derek Burgess told reporter…

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    That is a shame. Whilst I do not always agree with Mr. Commissiong, he spoke what he believed. I do not recall Mr. Commissiong saying things purely to score political points or to embarrass someone.

  3. Bobby Jones says:

    Rolfe should not have been a MP at all, with him terrifying the public when he was a bank robber. Doesn’t matter what his reason was.

    Now he has apparently terrified a woman or man by making unwanted comments
    Disgraceful, he should have been made to resign when this happened 2 years ago. Shows that the PLP doesn’t have any morals.

    • Voter says:

      You Ubpers aka oba always think like that about my people and later you ask a stupid question. Why don’t black Bermudians vote for us anymore.

      • wahoo says:

        Rolfe is one person how did you get to “my people”?

        • Hmm says:

          The same way it got that way with all the black voters and members departing a racist party.

    • @1 says:

      Please get facts straight, he was not “making unwanted advances to a woman or man”. He admitted to harrassing through comments. You cannot deduce what the facts are until they are revealed.

  4. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Commissiong: “I Will Not Be A Candidate”

    No great loss there

  5. wahoo says:

    Interesting, right before an election too.

  6. Sabine says:

    Perhaps he will have a big future in retail banking, I gather he some history in it already.

  7. Sabine says:

    Seems to me Dave is cleaning house.

    • Banjo says:

      He’s got 2 dozen jokers still to go.

      • Mike says:

        Last I check the oba was running out of surrogates. Just shows you never leaned why black voters left. Oct 1st you will be defeated again and that’s with no name change.

        • Anbu says:

          Well one things for sure, the plp sure arent running out of criminals! Lmao. Shut up troll

        • Come Correct says:

          Good, the PLP still has their mess to clean up.

  8. kevin says:

    Sorry but shouldnt have never been there from the start but it is what it is way too much baggage with past crime involved…

  9. Shelter says:

    Sad for the lady who had to endure this, but pleased to see the back of him.

    Some things are not about race. For Rolfe, what EPL team you support, what you put on your toast, how you brush your teeth is about race. For him everything is, and it isn’t.

    We don’t need this type of division.

    • Kenny says:

      I totally agree. I constantly hear how this guy was helping address the past.

      I just see him making the past the present, smh.

    • Bobby Barnes says:

      Maybe not a lady. He was in prison! mind you.

  10. Vortex says:

    Oh dear Rolfe, who’s been a naughty boy then!!

    ‘Legally binding confidentiality “…that doesn’t sound good.

  11. Jenny says:

    This will obviously come out, its Bermuda.

  12. Question says:

    No great loss.

  13. Imjustsaying says:

    Who cares. Not a real loss.

  14. Socialist worker says:

    Race obsessed former criminal. And now this.

    Bye Rolfe!

  15. Yahweh says:

    Amazing how his past has been forgotten. He was a violent bank robber.

    In the words of The Clash; ‘But he never hurt nobody…he just loved to steal your money”

    We can do better than him.

  16. Bermewjan says:

    About time too! Thank you DB! You’ve gone up further in my estimation, and I already held you in pretty high esteem given your stewardship of Bermuda over the past year.

    • Hey says:

      So, having a general election which is unnecessary for another rwo yearS, that will be expensive when we don’t have money to burn and most importantly when we are dealing with COVID 19 and having voters all sharing same space and air and equipment is irresponsible. He is putting us all in harms way for no reason.

      • Not correct says:

        If you truly value black lives DONT VOTE! Stay safely at home! It’s not worth killing your parents and grandparents over!

        PLP has enough younger voters and don’t need to endanger us the older generation!

        Go PLP!

  17. Dunn juice says:

    No big loss.

    Does anyone else see a common denominator with this guy.

  18. Interesting says:

    We run this thing about separation and why we can’t all get along but behind so many backs, as clearly shown today, folks are holding a machete by raising his past after he served his time then tried to serve his country. I know a lot of distinguished people who have said things that are very questionable. I forgave them and there is no need to raise them here or with the writers above, some of whom have secrets. He resigned. So why raise his time in prison unless he has equal access to the names posted here.

  19. Ringmaster says:

    So 2 years ago Rolfe said something that resulted in a settlement and an NDA. The Speaker was aware of it at that time. Why didn’t the Speaker inform the Premier at that time? What else does the Speaker know and hasn’t told the Premier? How many more “I thought I could get away with it” moments are out there? How many MPs out there are having sleepless nights waiting to see what someone is going to publish? The next 4 weeks could get very interesting. Time for confession.

    • wahoo says:

      It occurred to me that MPs should not be allowed to have an NDA. If you think about it the whole reason he got one in the first place was so he would not be forced to quit the back bench. So effectively it allowed him to mislead the people for two years and all the while collecting a check at the taxpayers expense. Is that stealing? Further if he had ever been granted a ministry he would have adopted the title Honorable which would be far from true. Kind of takes you back to days when “we had to deceive you” i.e. “we did deceive you” and “we continue to deceive you”.

      • Fisherman says:

        Being a politician has been the longest employment hale has ever had n still thought he could be like his cohorts. Proved yourself wrong Rolf. You are no better

  20. Questioner says:

    What else has he done except for some speed bumps on Shelton Road? Does anybody know?

  21. Ej says:

    Aha… That’s right… people tend to forget… The truth is the truth… A Bank robber can be a politician….Is that a good thing… Or what?