OBA’s Jones: Premier Is ‘Being Misleading’

August 28, 2020

Marcus Jones Bermuda February 2019[Updated] “The Premier is being very misleading when he claims that he has ‘reduced taxes for working Bermudians to their lowest ever levels’,” OBA Senator Marcus Jones said.

Mr Jones said, “Has the Premier lost his memory? Let us refresh it – he increased land tax and the foreign currency purchase tax meaning things imported to Bermuda cost more.

“He introduced the dividend tax which hit small Bermudian businesses and he brought in the sugar tax which increased people’s grocery bills.

“Part of the proceeds of the sugar tax were meant to fund health programmes, that has not happened – another broken promise.

“In addition, Government fees such as the dog licence and waste dumping fees, have gone up. These are backdoor taxes.

“Do not be fooled, these increased taxes have reduced money in the pockets for the average Bermudian despite the Premier’s attempt to spin the narrative to suggest otherwise.”

Update Aug 29, 4.30pm: A PLP spokesperson said, “Let’s talk about taxes and our record vs. the OBA’s.

“Under the OBA, payroll taxes for workers were raised to the highest levels in history,. The PLP Government cut them to their lowest levels ever.

“We created a payroll tax exemption for companies creating jobs in Bermuda.

“We gave new Bermudian businesses a one year holiday on all taxes.

“We provided tax incentives for the hiring of disabled Bermudians.

“We did reform our tax structure in a targeted way so that those who can afford to pay a bit more – the haves and have mores – did so. The reason for this tax reform was to address the inequality inherent in the two Bermudas.

“The dividend tax that the OBA complains about exempted the first $10,000 of dividends for Bermuda’s small business. In other words, the first $10,000 of dividends paid was tax free. However, there were well known large local businesses that were declaring $4 Million of dividends every year, for many years, without paying any taxes. And, it’s these corporations that we want to pay a little more.

“The OBA would reverse these changes that made Bermuda more fair to benefit the haves and have mores. We believe that businesses who earn $4 million a year should pay tax, that’s why we changed the law. The OBA believes the employees of these companies should pay tax, but the wealthy owners should profit without paying any taxes.

“Bermuda, we’re working everyday to keep our promises and you need to ask yourself, which party has a heart for the people? Which party do you trust to stand up to the importers and work to bring down the cost of living in Bermuda? Which party do you trust to build a fairer Bermuda? Is it Craig Cannonier and Michael Dunkley? Or is it David Burt and the PLP Team?”

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Good job, OBA. Keep telling the truth on the PLP.

  2. No more says:

    Someone I know told me that he started putting money on his personal credit card as payment for “business expenses” instead of paying their ransom tax on dividends! More small business owners should use this system! It’s the only way to avoid them taking all of your hard earned money!

    • Shannon says:

      Wow, someone told you. Excellent representation of what is considered Bermudian accurate information. Who was your source your big toe?

  3. Toadinthehole says:

    There is no way i am better off under the plp – my health insurance went up due to their flawed legislation, my land tax is up, my grocery bills are up and i pay tax on money i put aside from my small business to pay school fees.
    The Premier speaks well but scratch under that and there is nothing but b/s

    • comfortably numb says:

      How can you say he speaks well when he constantly misuses the phrase ‘of which’ as in ‘These are the strategies of which we initiated ‘ and ‘these are the measures of which we introduced’? The man is not a good speaker.

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      Yes, how much did the PLPs plan to reform the Health Insurance and save us money ACTAULLY save us. $0 Actually the average premium has gone UP, WAY up by $400 per month! There is no hiding this as truth because we all pay it. Call it a tax, call it a fee, call it a surcharge, call it whatever you want….at the end of the day you are taking more Mr Burt.

  4. Now Ya Nice says:

    Yes, how much did the PLPs plan to reform the Health Insurance and save us money ACTUALLY save us? The average premium has gone UP, WAY up by $400 per month! That is your idea of putting more money in the pockets of the average Bermudian.
    Your great idea cost EVERYONE. Not one person ….NOT ONE…is paying less for their health insurance. There is no hiding this as truth because we all pay it. Compare you payslip , this year to last year and the year before.

    You can give taxes colorful names. Regardless of if you call it a tax, call it a fee, call it a surcharge, call it whatever you want….at the end of the day you are taking more Mr Burt.

    Some of your party like you and the health minister did a good job with Covid 19. Others like Caines and DeSilva, not so good.

    If all of you politicians PLP and OBA don’t start to understand that we are better when we work together – will will continue to suffer and be divided.

  5. Paying Attention says:

    The tax machine has grabbed hold of every single pocket book and wallet. The strategy of taxation by PLP is crippling ALL Bermudians and converting Bermudian business into a mere shadow of itself. This is hurting everyone across the board and make no mistake…. it’s going to get much worse. The strategy is sucking on our wallets to pay massive debt created by PLP politicians who continue their spending spree as they pay a massive government at high salaries, for life! It is unsustainable. Remember when OBA came into power? Bermuda had been sucked dry by PLP politicians lining their own pockets and spending massive, unending cost overruns on every single project they approved. This was how Bermuda economy was ruined, with OBA forced to borrow right at the start of their tenure so they could meet the massive government payroll. PLP took us to virtually teetering on going BANKRUPT. Defaulting on paying salaries to themselves and government employee’s. That’s the backdrop of what we all are facing now. As long as this administration can tax us higher and higher they think it’s all good, right?? This strategy does not work and is shredding the economy. Without a successful tourism industry and without a successful international business industry we are going down hill fast. Without more people living working spending here, the taxing will have to get higher and higher. PLP are keen to run our health care industry themselves. It will ruin health insurance and drive up the cost for everyone. They could care less these politicians- they see green cash coming into their control and are determined to have it to spend as they want. Then what tax next? Sales tax? Income tax? The strategy is not sustainable and those they claim to want to do this strategy for, will get hurt the most. Without economic sustainable growth with external dollars coming into our Island …. we all lose big time. This administration knows it too! Before it gets really ugly for Bermudians, get re-elected so they secure their power and pay cheques even though they have come up with NOTHING to build up the economy to sustain Bermudians employment.
    If your strategy and know-how does not grow the economy then your taxation will kill it.