PLP: Scott’s “Donald Trump-Style Birtherism”

August 26, 2020

“To date, Leah Scott has not apologized for her Donald Trump-style birtherism,” PLP candidate Jason Wade said today, adding that “the OBA has not taken down or edited the video to remove” it.

This follows after the PLP called for OBA Deputy Leader Leah Scott to “apologize and retract her comments”, which were made in a video on the OBA’s Facebook page, with Ms Scott asking “wasn’t the Premier born in Jamaica” and also saying “including the Premier, who comes from Jamaica. Where is his loyalty?”

Mr Wade — who was recently announced as the candidate for Constituency 30 Southampton East Central, a seat which is currently held by Leah Scott — said, “I can’t believe I’m having to put this out to the Bermudian people.

“But, I want to be crystal clear so that there is no confusion whatsoever: Premier David Burt is a born Bermudian. His father is Bermudian through and through and his mother also has Bermuda status. David Burt was born in Bermuda. He loves Bermuda. And, he is a Bermudian.

“I’ve known the Premier for a number of years. When he was away at University and became the student body President at The George Washington University, he was known for wearing Bermuda shorts and socks. He has had a camp at Cup Match for as long as I remember. He even has his own swizzle recipe. He comes to our social clubs. He goes to church. He attends parades and community events. He is Bermudian through and through.

“To date, Leah Scott has not apologized for her Donald Trump-style birtherism. And, the OBA has not taken down or edited the video to remove this birtherism.

The full video of the entire conversation on the OBA’s Facebook page:

“Leadership counts. And, I hope the people of Constituency #30 are watching. If you want to be represented by someone who peddles a ‘birther’ conspiracy or if you want someone who is connected to the community for years.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white, OBA and PLP, we all must come together to focus on the economic recovery and we need to elect proven leaders of integrity to see us through these difficult times.”

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  1. Nunya says:

    The PLP has the nerve to talk about Trump and birtherism.

    You lot attacked Michael Fahy everyday and labelled him a non-Bermudian that needed to go back to Canada.

    Col. Burch attacked our Supreme Court Justice, Mr. Hargun, as that Indian.

    You are trying to legislate against gay marriage to the tune of millions of dollars.

    You organised protests against immigration with your representatives and supporters spouting the most vile xenophobic racist hatred I have ever heard in this island.

    Your Deputy Speaker said in no uncertain terms that foreigners should keep their mouths shut about BDA business/politics unless it is a certain Reverend of course who asissts with shutting down our Parliament twice.

    You attack the press for not salivating over your Party and having the nerve to criticise you.

    You attack people who don’t look like you and who do like you but don’t think like you.

    PLP are the Trumpers of this island whether you want to admit it or not. You are what you hate, plus some.

    • Tittley Dink says:

      that is 10000000% absolute the truth, very well said and pointed out to the PLP Dictatorship ? soon to be Socialist. Its all about them

    • Comfortably numb says:

      Excellent posting. You could, of course, have mentioned the disgusting treatment meted out to Georgia Marshall simply because of her Greek heritage. Oh, and Jason, probably better not to mention Burt and Swizzle in the same sentence. The hypocrisy of the PLP knows no boundaries!

    • Boston Whaler Owner says:

      Nearly all the plp heritage is from other islands and continents!

  2. Ringmaster says:

    “He even has his own swizzle recipe”. Indeed he does and tried to sell it, so what’s your point?

  3. Double S says:

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white, OBA and PLP, we all must come together to focus on the economic recovery and we need to elect proven leaders of integrity to see us through these difficult times.”

    Sorry Mr. Wade, but your friend the Premier labelled a whole segment of the population as “enemies” last November in the so called “Throne Speech.” And now you want the enemy to come together with your Party to help. No.

    • newperspective says:

      I agree we must all pull together. The strategies of the two political parties won’t achieve this. Partisan politics is about winning at any cost!! The deputy leader of the opposition should also be added to the retirement list; the old UBP members, Cannonier and herself. Can you imagine using, Trumpet President tactics, and labeling the leader or suggesting the PLP as what??????

      She is really confused, she really know partisan politics isn’t working for our island home, but the paycheck and benefits can could one’s perspective. Like a Donald Trump .. well liked, but very un-principled. You could label him as a “rogue” president.

      I don’t thing the Premier is un-principled. He’s simply wants to do what the majority of the votes want him to do. Level the planning field, provide economic opportunity for those in the community most in need, especially in this new norm.

      Any little respect for the OBA is now completely diminished to “0″
      At the last election I voted for both the OBA and the PLP candidates because I did not have another choice, like an independent thinking person.

      • Double S says:

        You’re a massive hypocrite.

        • newperspectiva says:

          I’m now convinced you really do not mean what you say from the both sides of your mouth!

          • Double S says:

            You’re a massive hypocrite because you ignore the hateful racial rhetoric that flows weekly, if not daily, from PLP representatives and some supporters. So stop trying to play the middle of the road nonsense. You are what you are.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        “the old UBP members, Cannonier and herself”

        You really do not know Leah Scott. She is playing with the hand she was dealt. She is a progressive and the sort of person Bermuda needs more of in politics. Leah does not oppose everything the other party does just because it comes from “across the floor”. She gives credit where credit is due. And, most importantly, Leah Scott is not a racist and she does not use racial divisiveness to keep different communities divided.

        • newperspective says:

          “Progressive”, then apologize for Trump-style birtherism insinuation remarks. Never met the lady, but follow what she says and do politically. Very strongly opposes some issues, then backs off. I guess, it’s “the hand she was dealt with”??? Should be an independent, but knows she would not be in parliament, so like most surrogates, go along for the ride.

  4. Wahoo says:

    Trumpism is a characteristic which on paper would describe the plp to a tee. Instead of wasting time on the premier’s ancestry could you please discuss the abysmal economy and the debt which will effect our children, grandchildren and generations to come forever. Please stop being “politicians” and become stewards of our country and ALL her people.

  5. puzzled says:

    Nothing here just bulls%^$##et.

  6. Two Faced Hypocrites says:

    The PLP are nothing but two faced hypocrites feigning indignation over comments that mirror the type of trash they’ve been saying for years. The will use anything to distract from their dismal record in Government. Name one thing the PLP have done since the election?

    • Boston Whaler Owner says:

      Name one thing the PLP have done since the election?
      taken care of friends and family

      • newperspective says:

        “Taking care of family and friends”. That’s a lot! Especially when they increased their majority in the last election and will do so even more at the upcoming election. Even more to do for family and friends. And why not! The OBA/UBP, like all parties, take care of their supporters FIRST.

        You don’t have to worry, your boat won’t sink!!

  7. Why apologize for telling the truth says:

    Now we know where the premiers arrogance comes from

  8. OBA all the way? says:

    Why does no one in this chat just admit that lying about the Premier’s country of birth and calling into question his loyalty to Bermuda and then failing to apologize for it not a bridge too far?

    • wahoo says:


      • OBA all the way? says:

        Leah Scott and Ben Smith said the Premier was born in Jamaica. They were wrong. They questioned his loyalty to Bermuda. They were wrong. How is lying about his birth and questioning his loyalty to Bermuda acceptable?

    • Hey says:

      His name is Edward Burt, David is his second name. Didn’t know that until now.

  9. Leah Scott will NOT get my vote. Even if she apologizes, it will be meaningless..
    Perhaps, somewhere in her life, her identity will be more positive for her, more meaningful. Sad!!
    Find your identity, Leah!!
    On the other hand, remain lost in money and false power!

    • Anbu says:

      Like she was every gonna get your vote anyway! LMAO friggin crybabies.

  10. Ishal says:

    This video was a comdey strip and an absolite waste of ones time. Scott do your homework next time BEFORE you come on and make a fool out of yourself spreading untruths. Ben I cannot take ypu serious with your speculation. If ever there was thought to vote for you two – sitting listening to this run on mess has cancelled any chance. The two of you need to regroup and come again with something productive!

  11. Toejam Express says:

    If anyone is having doubts about which political party, PLP or OBA, is for all the residents in Bermuda (I.e. Bermuda born and bread and those with status collectively) just play back the Senate debate tapes during the OBA’s tenure in government. On a near weekly basis there were some shocking ant-Bermudian statements coming from Michael Fay and Georgia Marshall. Anyone listening to their shocking statements would assume they were coming from redneck USA and the days of Jim Crow!! Im shocked that Ms. Scott, a person of colour and an American, would stoop so low to use birtherism as part of her OBA election platform. The OBA is an anti-Bermudian political party and is simply picking up their old song book of divide and conquer and anti-Bermudian rhetoric. It all failed in 2017 and it will fail in 2020!!

    • Truthhertz says:

      I challenge you to list these so called racist comments.

      I can easily do it for the PLP. So let’s compare.

      • Toejam Express says:

        I’m not taking the bare mate. Anti-Bermudian statements for not have to be racist….the statements made by Fahy and Marshall were simply anti-Bermudian! Ho and listen to the Hansard tapes in context…..trying to be fair here. Once done, have a word with your black Bermudian friends and ask them for their views. Better yet, go and sit down and discuss the statements with groups such as CURE.

        • truthertz says:

          You can’t take the bait because you can’t complete the challenge. You failed and are now changing the goal posts:

          “Anti-Bermudian statements for not have to be racist”

          But in your quote you said it reminded you of rednecks and Jim Crow.

          Please advise if you would like to me to provide umpteen racial epithets spewed by various PLP representatives and supporters. And then you can show me your outrage over those when they were an continued to be made on a weekly basis.

          • Toejam Express says:

            Have you listened to the audio from the Senate? All your doing is deflecting!!

            • truthertz says:

              Nope. You can’t back up your racist allegations and thus you are changing goal posts and deflecting. Because well, that is all you have.

              I can easily do that for the PLP.

              Let me know when you’re ready.

              But then again I imagine you retail that same mindset that you try to project onto others. You guys are exactly what you purport to hate. To a T. Always have been.

          • Toejam Express says:

            The sad thing was not one of the OBA Senators even tried to neutralise or blunt the anti-Bermudian statements coming from Fahy or Marshall. But they did lock horns with then Senator now Minister Ming along with the Senate President. Spend your time listening to the audio rather than deflecting and pretending that these ant-Bermudian statements weren’t made. The record is there and is recorded in Hansard. Contact the Clerk to the Senate and maybe he can provide you with a written transcript. Once you get the transcript read it and then go have a sit down with CURE and them help you understand why Fahy and Marshall’s comments were anti-Bermudian. And by the way, I’m no party hack. I, a born Bermudian exercising my constitutional right of free speech, hold both parties accountable and their members accountable.

    • CHRIS says:

      Toejam is an apt name that you called yourself!

      • Toejam Express says:

        Yup…So I guess I struck a nerve. Go educate yourself on racism and all of its forms….Meet with CURE and have the dialog the OBA famously likes to avoid…. “race relations in Bermuda”. Until the OBA members collectively address the issue of race relations in Bermuda they will never form the Government of this country again. I actually predict that the OBA will loose seats in the 2020 elect and further implode. Only time will tell.

        • Anbu says:

          Deff doin your part for your seat on the gravy train huh? And for christ sake, it is LOSE! Not loose.

          • Voter says:

            Yes for C sake the UBPoba will lose again and again.

          • Dennis says:

            All seats on that gravy train have been taken by you…after someone stepped aside and made way for you. A simple thank you would suffice!! LOL

    • Mark says:

      What utter nonsense. Do you honestly believe this drivel that you are spewing or are you a political hack? either way its just sad for my country

  12. Joe Bloggs says:

    “David Burt was born in Bermuda.”

    That is all I needed to know. The rest is political rhetoric.

  13. Noah James says:

    people need to watch the video – not the selectively chosen pop edit

  14. O.B.A. outright failures:
    1. Pathways to status
    2.under O.B.A. black seniors pepper-sprayed for NOTHING…NO ONE TOOK REPONSIBILITY UNDER o.b.a.
    3.supremacy concerns of certain types of people vs. democracy under the o.b.a.
    4.Grant Gibbons fleeing as education Minister in education for America Cup Bermuda
    6.same sex marriage regard for BLACK LIVES MATTER

  15. bright and early says:

    And nothing has been mentioned about PLP borrowing another $520 Million on top of the $300 odd Million we already have. Where is the money going surely if the Pandemic cost in unemployment benefits around $60 Million and now people can’t afford to buy food to put on there table what will the PLP do with the money I would like to know. Calling an election almost two years before its due is not needed.

  16. Mark says:

    Did Bermuda’s own Trump/Republican party just accuse someone else of being like Trump? lol its truly bizarro world. they can really say and do anything they want and win cant they? sad sad world we live in

    • Peter says:

      You people don’t want nothing with trump because he’s doing great for his country . Stop watching fake news .

  17. Horse radish says:

    Now Bermuda can see what surrogates do in the UBPoba. Both them are idiots.

    • Boston Whaler Owner says:

      you should change your stage name to Horse Dung,you type alot of it!

  18. yawn says:

    One’s as hypocritical as the other.

    Let’s focus on the real issues shall we?

    Like how we are going to pull ourselves out of this hole of international debt?

    Let’s hear both party’s platforms about this.

    I am sure it will be the same nonsense.

    I think we should all pray for this country as it really needs it.

  19. NonsenseNation says:

    Trump style birtherism…you lot either funny or foolisb? The PLP hate foreigners, if anyone espouses some populist notion of birtherism its the PLP. This the pot calling the kettle black…one-party state here we come, scary thing some people think that would be a positive

  20. NonsenseNation says:

    And the shameful treatment of Chief Justice Narinder Hargun by the PLP – specifically Burt claiming his appointment was an affront and Burch referring to ‘an indian’.

  21. Calla Lilly says:

    Leah Scott is not a born Bermudian, she now has Bermudian status issued under the PLP Government, go figure.

  22. Bob says:

    It’s all irrelevant boys and girls – the PLP will win comprehensively and name calling is just useless noise….

  23. Peter says:

    Please leave president trump out of this scandal. He’s the best president ever . Stop watching fake news that is pushing all the lies on the president . When u do ur own research it differs a lot . God bless Donald Trump !!