Govt Launch One Year Residential Certificate

August 2, 2020

The Government has launched the ‘Work From Bermuda One Year Residential Certificate’ form, which allows people who have “the means to support themselves while working remotely” to apply to live in Bermuda for one year.

Copy of cert aug 2 2020

Premier David Burt stated, “This government invites individuals who are already working from home to work remotely from Bermuda instead. COVID-19 has impacted the world. Overnight, companies have had to solve the problem of employees being able to work outside of the office. Workers are as productive, if not more so, working in their own environment. There is now the opportunity for employees, who I refer to as digital nomads, and university students to work and study, remotely from Bermuda.

“Applicants for the One Year Certificate must have the means to support themselves while working remotely, and cannot seek work in Bermuda.

“Once the form has been completed, the applicant will receive a response within five working days and if approved, can relocate to Bermuda.

“To date, Bermuda has successfully managed the Coronavirus pandemic and our COVID-19 testing regime is the most stringent in the world. This has kept transmission of the virus to a minimum which allows our residents and visitors flexibility not seen on other jurisdictions. We look forward to welcoming these new long term visitors to our shores.

“The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) and the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) are working closely with the Ministry of Labour to continue to promote Bermuda as the ideal location from which to work remotely. The international media have tracked the story and we have received many queries about this opportunity.”

The Premier concluded, “I extend my thanks to all those who worked tirelessly to get the form ready and put the process in place to accept applicants. Thank you to the Minister of Labour, the Hon. Jason Hayward, JP, MP and his team, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, the Hon. Wayne Furbert, JP, MP and his team for their hard work together with the teams at the BTA and the BDA.”

The online form can be found here.

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  1. Catherine Dl says:

    5 days!!!!!!!! It will take me 5 days to catch my breath back after the suprise of hearing that immigration may do something in 5 days!

    • Friends and Family says:

      They must have some friends who want to hang out in Bermuda for a year. Amazing how fast they can work when they want to isn’t it.

    • blankman says:

      I’m more surprised that they’re actually doing something sensible for once.

    • Not a solution says:

      So why can’t we offer the same thing but for 5 or 10 years???? Now that’s a solution!

  2. Bobby Barnes says:

    If these people can afford to come here, WHY limit them to a 1 year certificate. Bda’s economy desperately need wealthy people here.

  3. Onion Peels says:

    hahaha they don’t even use a .bm domain. That’s confidence in Bermuda for you.

  4. sandgrownan says:

    “..five working days..”

    bwwwhahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahah…you’re having a laugh….bwhwahahahahhahaha…

    IS the tooth sucking resentment thrown in for free or is that an extra charge?

    • Ringmaster says:

      Sounds perfectly feasible. One day this week; one day next; have a break …
      It will be the same as for ordinary permits.

      Why has the fee been set at $263 for a permit? Wouldn’t even cover the admin costs. Another loss maker for Government.

  5. Good First Step says:

    Excellent. Good first step. Done quickly which is even better.
    Actually positive that we’re mirrored Barbados who moved first on this front.
    New ideas, copying others, blue sky concepts. All are what we need and need quickly.
    Now, implement more please government. Ten or twelve ideas rapidly in succession. Some will work and some won’t. Will not be a problem. The problem will be inertia and doing nothing else.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Now if only we copies some ideas from the Cayman Islands!

  6. Bob says:

    Even the wealthy will be scared off after they see the price of living in Bermuda. Useless move PLP.

  7. Joe Bloggs says:

    And now the world has another reason to confuse us with Barbados

  8. saud says:

    Typical….not even Bermudas ideas, have to copy everyone else.

    This will only work if there is Inexpensive, reliable and fast internet access…none of these things is available in Bermuda.

  9. aceboy says:

    Who cares who they copied it from? Frankly Bermuda is much closer to US hubs and therefore the idea makes more sense, particularly because we have controlled COVID so well. We have already had a couple of inquiries from people looking to come and if they are calling us they aren’t billionaires.

  10. saud says:

    LOL…ooooh…a couple of people have inquired?

    Do you have fast, reliable and inexpensive internet access yet?
    Once you have that, then maybe you’ll be able to attract some “people”…hope they’re not gay though, you don’t want that!