Videos: Pride Performance On Front Street

August 10, 2020

[Updated] Mark “Sybil” Anderson and friends held a lip syncing event on Saturday evening [Aug 8] at the Flag Pole on Front Street to both honour essential workers and celebrate LGBTQI Pride.

Speaking in advance of event, Mr. Anderson said, “This weekend would have marked the second annual Bermuda Pride parade. This is a tremendous milestone for Bermuda and just how far it has come on its journey to accepting the LGBTQIA community.”

Update 12.03pm: Mr. Anderson said, “I believe that the Flag Pole on Front Street represents the heart of Bermuda. It was important to me that I involved many different people join us for the beginning number ‘We are the World.’

“The event was spectacular, full of love and acceptance. People from the public came by to watch, driving across tooting horns and screaming out encouraging comments of support. It was a very moving, powerful night and I am glad to have been a part of it.

“What made it particularly special was the diversity of unification of all ages that came out to support, from the elderly to young kids and all in-between.

“This particular event was a celebration piece created in lieu of the 2020 Bermuda Pride parade, however the LGBTQ+ advocates are still working toward a future without discrimination in the workplace, schools and beyond.”

Sybil & Friends

We Are The World By Sybil & Friends

Renee Webb


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