CFASB Launches Fall Financial Literacy Series

September 4, 2020

CFA Society Bermuda, in partnership with Bermuda College PACE program, will again be offering their four-session series “Building Financial Literacy” starting on September 30.

A spokesperson said, “As described in the PACE course catalogue, the course provides an introduction to basic money and financial concepts. The goal is to help people build practical financial skills and begin to take control of and manage their financial future.”

Series coordinator Ms. Robin Masters, CFA said “Our informal surveys tell us that people’s biggest financial worries tend to be around managing debt, concern about not having enough money to live comfortably in retirement, coping with education expenses and generally trying to figure out how best to have some money left over at the end of the month. Everyone, regardless of their age and income level, shares these same concerns.”

“We believe that financial literacy education is the best way to help people overcome their fears about money and help alleviate concerns associated with financial insecurity. There is no shortage of financial literacy content to be read in the local news and online. However, in our course, which we designed specifically for Bermuda, we take the basic concepts and explain them using real life practical examples that people can then apply to their own personal circumstances.”

“At the conclusion of the course, previous participants shared that they had developed a budget, had adjusted their spending, and had started or increased the amount that was going towards savings. Most importantly, after taking the class, they reported an increased level of confidence in their ability to manage their day-to-day expenses.

CFA Society Financial Literacy Series Bermuda Sept 2020

“Our goal is that people come away from our course having learned new behaviors that become part of their overall lifestyle, that will better position them for the future.”

“This term, the class will be given using the College’s remote teaching environment. Each week’s session will be delivered online using the Zoom platform, so access via a desktop computer or tablet is recommended.

“Classes begin September 30 and will run for four consecutive weeks. Registration is now open, details can be found on the PACE website here.”

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