Parents Warned After Children Seen In Waves

September 22, 2020

Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley has commented on a video clip showing children playing in large wave impacts with adults looking on as Hurricane Teddy passed the island, saying “I cannot understate the danger of such behavior.”

In an online post, Commissioner Corbishley said, “Just had a video clip sent to me of young kids playing in the big wave impacts coming in, all in swim costumes with parents standing watching.

“We are sending patrols there now as I cannot understate the danger of such behavior given the power of the water plus the undercurrents that can [and would] suck a child into the sea, very likely to their death.

“Please, please, everyone be careful near the water not least as you put others in grave danger if people need rescuing.

“Update: Parents have been located by BPS officers and given warnings as to their actions. I consider this is the appropriate resolution to this matter which resulted through naivety, therefore let’s not have lots of comments about ‘punishment’ – as I am sure the parents have also been personally contacted by many to offer a ‘strong view’ and chastisement to what was going on plus the debate on this thread has no doubt highlighted to others unintended foolishness to the serious dangers faced at such times.”

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  1. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    The C.o.P. is right,but this is nothing new,Bermudians have been doing this every Storm or Hurricane.
    Hurricane F should have taught everyone a lesson all those years ago when we lost 4 wonderful people.

  2. I am not sorry for my opinion but I feel that an example needs to be made out of these irresponsible so called parents, There should be a charge no less then Child Endangerment and enforced at the highest level.

    Just imagine how much pain and suffering and grief this causes just from looking at this video, now just suppose that the Children where swept out to sea and the parents had to go in after them and then rescue teams have to go out to try and retrieve the body’s putting more lives at risk.

    This is no laughing matter, neither do I think it was fun or funny the week before with the two young boys at admiralty house leading up to hurricane Paulette, Just idiotic all around and we don’t need to wait for another death to take action.

    My first cousin worked at St. George’s police station and was swept out to sea off the cause way when she was been driven home in a police car 17 years ago, and when we see stupidity of this nature it brings back a fresh reminder of that horrific event

    So why are we not Prosecuting people who knowingly are putting innocent Children’s lives at risk, I pray Bernews prints this, so the message can be out there and stay out there, I call on the Minister of National Security, The Police Department, Our Politicians and all of our Law Makers, to deal with this immediately and by next Hurricane season this will be in effect, and for now prosecute the so called parents of this past Hurricane Teddy, for Child Endangerment.

  3. Imjustsaying says:

    I believe they should have been charged because they do not and will not listen to any warnings plus looking at the video they all appeared to think it was funny. Common sense is not so common anymore.

  4. Imjustsaying says:

    If you don’t charge them and make an example this type of behavior will just continue until someone loses their life.