Strategic Plan For Town Of St. George

September 24, 2020

The St. George’s Town Council has initiated the development of a strategic plan for the Town of St. George “in order to better serve the community.”

A spokesperson said, “In order to better serve the community, the St George’s Town Council has initiated the development of a strategic plan for the Town of St. George.

“The aim is to offer a vision for the future and set a course of action for the development of the Town.”

Ms. Candy Foggo, Town Manager, said, “The intent is to plan how we can best manage the needs of our community into the future with regards to the built, social, economic and natural environments within the Town.

“It will build on other planning work undertaken in recent years and will need to fit with other plans currently being prepared such as the World Heritage Site Management Plan.”

The spokesperson said, “The Corporation of St. George has engaged Bermuda Environmental Consulting Ltd [BECLtd] to help facilitate this planning process, which will revolve around ongoing consultation with key stakeholders within the community and residents.

“The BECLtd team explained that such a strategic planning process will explore subjects such as the economic growth of the town, the infrastructure needs, housing availability, public safety, transportation, arts and culture, social and environmental issues. All these need to be considered in the context of the historic status of the Town. Identifying potential financing mechanisms is also essential.

“As a result, the team is reaching out to residents, local businesses and community groups in the Town of St George and the surrounding neighbourhood for their input. The BECLtd team stresses the importance of first understanding what St Georgians feel about their Town, what works, what doesn’t, and how they’d like to see it looking and functioning in the future.

“In this way, the issues and the needs can be identified, allowing prioritised goals and the actions needed to achieve these defined. All St Georgians are encouraged to answer a survey.

“This can be done by going online or visiting the Corporation of St George office on Ordnance Island [open weekdays from 9.00am to 5.00pm] where there are hard copies of the survey that can be completed. The survey deadline has been extended to 7th October 2020.”

For more information, visit the website.

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