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September 16, 2020

The Governor’s Cup 2020 was recently held at Ocean View Golf Course, with the Ocean View team successfully defending their title with an 11 point victory.

A spokesperson said, “The decision to hold The Governor’s Cup 2020 was a difficult one. On the morning of Sunday, 13th September, with Hurricane Paulette 206 NM South East of the island and rapidly approaching the island, with marginal hurricane force winds that were forecast to intensify later in the day the committee made a calculated decision to go ahead.

“However, their fears were unfounded as the threat of deteriorating conditions was no match for the doggedly determined 48 players that turned out to participate in the Ocean View vs The Governor’s Cup challenge.

“This being the final year for H.E. The Governor, John Rankin to play in this historic event, it was both exciting and suspense-filled, as the Governor’s team had not been successful in winning the challenge since his arrival in Bermuda.

“Nonetheless, it was not to be as the Ocean View team once again defended their title with a closely contested 11 point victory, accumulating a total of 131.5 points against The Governor’s 120.5 points, under the 21-point partner best ball format.

Governor John Rankin

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020  6 Governor John Rankin

“In traditional form, The Governor’s Cup event commenced with a pre-event cocktail party at Government House on the prior Friday evening, hosted by H.E. The Governor during which time the attentive audience were treated to a brief history of the origins of The Governor’s Challenge, as it is officially known, while emphasizing the historical significance and impact of the event since its inception in 1964.

“Most importantly, however, he highlighted the importance of maintaining the tradition of this prestigious event which was received with much enthusiasm amongst those present.

“Needless to say, friendly rivalry and banter was the theme of the evening, only to be interrupted by The Governor’s ‘indoor putting challenge’ which has become a trademark of the cocktail party. After a modest consumption of wine, each of the guests were invited to attempt three, 20 foot putts on the carpet, using carefully crafted cardboard structures with a mouse-hole shaped in the bottom as the target.

“The results were duly displayed on a leader board and the final contenders were summoned for a tie-break shoot out to conclude the competition for a box of Titleist Pro V1 balls.

“As far back as 1955, Ocean View has enjoyed a healthy relationship with the governors of Bermuda, largely achieved through memorable golfing events. Governor, Sir Alexander Hood was instrumental in integrating golf on the island in fact, he was so supportive of equality that he presented a trophy to Ocean View for an annual competition amongst the members.

“This was known as the Hood trophy and the first competition was played on Thursday, January 26th 1955. It was through this event that future governors decided to carry the torch until today.

“In 1964, officiating Governor, Sir Julian Gascoigne started the legendary Governor’s Cup which was played between Ocean View members and a select Governor’s team.

“The purpose of both events was to encourage and promote racial harmony between the two groups. The Hood Trophy is no longer an active competition, but The Governor’s Cup continues to be a thriving entity and will hopefully continue into the future.

“The founders and members of Ocean View back in the day were praised for their initiative, passion and commitment under such difficult circumstances. The camaraderie that developed between the governors and the members was extraordinarily iconic. Hubert Smith was president of the club at that time and under his stewardship, the members and The Governor of the day developed a tremendous rapport.

“The Ocean View members in those early days were fanatical about the game of golf and it was somewhat of a ritual for them to rise as early as 4.00am and literally ‘steal’ a game, because they had to be off the golf course before daylight. Furthermore, Ocean View members were considered traitors if they played for The Governor’s side. This was serious business!

“Maintaining a golf course is no easy task and it was certainly no easy feat for the members, who, without equipment, resources or ground staff, diligently maintained Ocean View Golf Course in their own time and relentlessly strived to maintain the principles and traditions that were so dear to their hearts.

“The majority of the governors of the day recognized the significance of the challenges, as well as the sacrifices and advancements that were being made by the members of the club and took it upon themselves to join in a unified front to acknowledge their progress each year.

“So, with the departure of H.E.The Governor, John Rankin the Ocean View members say a very big ‘thank you’ for being so supportive and for the relationship that has been formed over the last four years and more importantly, for proactively keeping the spirit of Ocean View alive.”

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020 2 Ann Symonds, Sandra Scott, Rebecca Haak  & Gina Newson

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020 1 Ann Mitchell, Gillian Campbell, Cara Veale & Wendy Salvia

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020  13 Walter Jackson, Darrin Lewis, Cal Dill  & Rich Marriott

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020  12 Vance Hassell, John Blackwood, David Patterson  & Cleeve Trott

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020  11 Tracy Burgess, Thalia Lightbourne , Tracy Nash  & Katrin Burnie

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020  10 Peter Ramm, Glen Baisden, Earlston Wolffe  & Ben Beasley

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020  9 Nathan Stevens, Alvin Harvey, Lorenzo Ratteray  & Ernest Paynter

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020  8 Kavon Trott, Colin Swan, James Perry  & Mark Ray

Ocean View Governors Cup Bermuda Sept 2020  7 Jonathan James, Aaron Adams, Antony Siese  & Derek Lambert

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