At Least Six New Senators To Be Appointed

October 5, 2020

At least six new Senators will be sworn in in the coming days, as the PLP’s five Senators were all elected to the House of Assembly, and one of the OBA Senators was also elected.

On the PLP side, Crystal Caesar, Anthony Richardson, Vance Campbell, Kathy Simmons and Ianthia Simmons-Wade all won seats in the 2020 General Election, and on the OBA side Jarion Richardson won a seat.

The Governing party is allocated five senate seats and the official Opposition is granted three seats, with the remaining three seats in the Senate filled by Independents appointed by the Governor.

While two of the OBA Senators ran in the election and did not win their seats, that does not automatically mean they will retain their Senate seats, so there could, or could not, be more than six new Senators appointed, as the OBA could choose to appoint an entirely new team.

Political parties will often appoint candidates who ran in the election and did not win seats to the Senate, and if the PLP were to do this, which we do not know will occur but are just mentioning, the six PLP candidates who were not elected were Owen Darrell, Dr. Ernest Peets Jr, Lindsay Simmons, Davida Morris, Curtis Richardson, and Arianna Hodgson, who mostly ran in areas regarded to be OBA safe seats.

Last week the Government has confirmed that the swearing in of Ministers and the appointment of Senators will take place at Government House this week.

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  1. Sammie says:

    I hope the Premier invites Davida Morris, Lindsay Simmons and Arianna Hodgson in the Senate.

    I saw Simmons and Hodgson canvassing and they all will be great persons in the Senate.

    PLP has one of the strongest teams I’ve seen in a while.