Videos: Historic Land Losses Commission

October 21, 2020

[Updated] The Government of Bermuda is holding another hearing today [Oct 21] on the “commission to review the question of historic losses of land in Bermuda,” and you can tune in and watch live below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 1-hour & 6-minute replay is below

Update: Part II | The live broadcast has concluded and the 1-hour & 27-minute replay is below

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  1. Enlightening says:

    Extremely interesting history lesson with great historical facts. Great questions and answers from a dark period 100 years ago. Well researched and well presented. The question is what now. Whether we like it or not, Bermuda was governed by a colonial power, that’s why we are all here. Land at Tucker’s Town could have been simply taken away under another form of government, but it wasn’t. So here we are!