SGF Planning Second Project In St. George

October 9, 2020

The St. George’s Foundation’s [SGF] next project will include clearing around the Old Lime Kiln located off the Railway Trail at Ferry Point Park in St. George.

A spokesperson said, “Following on the success of their first project of clearing the invasive growth from Martello Tower, the second SGF project will see the clearing around the Old Lime Kiln located just off the Railway Trail at Ferry Point Park in St. George.

“The Old Lime Kiln project exemplifies SGF’s new mission: to support Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage Site through collaboration, education and awareness.

“This particular kiln dates back to the 1820’s when it was built by the British War Department to support the restoration and expansion of the fortifications around the east end. Many Bermudians learned their skills in masonry and carpentry from the various experts brought to the Island.

“Last used in 1993 by Orville Bascome, whose family will be participating in the project, this special historic site has many stories for all to study and learn from.”

Angelique Burgess said, “On behalf of the family of the late Orville Bascome, we are humbled to learn of the restoration of the Old Lime Kiln.

“Uncle Orville took much pride in his profession as a lime kiln operator and was always keen to share with others the history of the Bermuda lime kiln. I’m sure he would be gleaming with pride to know that the stories of the lime kiln will continue to be told and the legacy will continue to live on.”

The spokesperson said, “On Wednesday, October 14 at 8.00am, a collaborative group including the Department of Parks, Skyport, St. George’s Rotary, Meyer Group and members of the SGF will meet on the Railway Trail at Whale Bone Bay, just up from the parking area, to clear out invasive cane grass, fiddle wood, Mexican pepper, and Indian laurel from the area surrounding the historic structure to allow better viewing by the public.”

Treasurer of the SGF and active volunteer Peter Barrett said, “I first became acquainted with the old Lime Kiln when my father Leslie Barrett carried out restoration work on it during his tenure with the St. George’s Rotary.

“I am very pleased that the SGF is now working in collaboration with so many stakeholders to ensure all of our heritage sites within Ferry Point Park are being preserved so that the park becomes a living classroom for our school children, locals and visitors alike.”

The spokesperson said, “Volunteers are welcome. For more information and in order to ensure COVID-19 restrictions are maintained, please contact Peter Frith, General Manager of the SGF at or call 536-1637.”

A lime kiln Q&A follows below [PDF here]:

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