Volunteers Complete Mirrors Life Coach Training

October 19, 2020

29 volunteers completed Mirrors two and a half-day volunteer life coach training over the weekend, with the new programme — entitled “Coaching For Success” [CFS] — set to provide additional support and resources to Bermuda’s youth.

The Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Reform Kathy Lynn Simmons expressed her “admiration for the commitment, dedication and hard work” of the volunteers, saying: “We are grateful for the volunteers that stepped in to provide support for our students.

“As a result of Covid-19, Mirrors was unable to provide the core training programme; however, the team developed a hybrid training using the successful Community Programme. This new training provides a focused coaching service for the most vulnerable students.”

The two and a half-day training was the first step for volunteers to get foundational coaching skills.

Kimberley Jackson, Programme Manager, stated, “It was a great mixture of returning volunteers with new coaches, which will provide an opportunity for peer support within the volunteer team.

“We are grateful to the adults who have committed to serving our youth by delivering positive social connections between adults and youth. That is the critical success factor in creating a more cohesive, safe and healthy community.”

A spokesperson said, “The volunteers will engage with peer coaching over the next four weeks before being matched with a student, and they will attend monthly sessions throughout the coaching service. The role of the life coach is to support the student to advance their goals. Additionally, coaching creates an opportunity to build a healthy, supportive relationship.

“The new CFS programme is open to students between the ages of 11- 18 years. Student admissions are by referral from schools, and parents are required to attend monthly parent sessions and workshops. The enrollment process includes completing an application, interview and attending a one-day foundational training.

“The goal of the new CFS programme aligns with Mirrors’ focus on increasing human capital by providing alternative training and life coaching. Mirrors’ mission is to develop a high performing youth culture with demonstrated results in education, employment and lawfulness. The Mirrors Programme is thankful for our volunteers’ support.

“If you would like more information about the Coaching for Success Programme, please contact the Mirrors Office at 294-9291 or email mirrors@gov.bm.”

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