Rodney Smith Jr Receives Brand New Car

November 8, 2020

Bermudian Rodney Smith Jr — well known for his charitable lawn mowing initiative in the USA — has a new car, after the team at Woody Anderson Ford in Alabama gave Mr Smith a 2020 Ford Edge to thank him for his work in the community.

The company said, “Rodney Smith of Raising Men Lawn Care Service Huntsville lives up to the words of Henry Ford. ‘To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.’ It was our honor this morning to present Rodney with his brand-new 2020 Ford Edge on behalf of Ford Motor Company.”

Mr. Smith said, “Ford Motor Company & Woody Anderson AL Ford blessed our organization with a brand new 2020 Ford Edge! Thank you so much for supporting & believing in our mission. It still feels like a dream!”

Mr. Smith also tweeted the photos below, saying: “I can’t express what this means for us, thank you so much again Ford!”

Ford Gifts Rodney Smith Jr With Brand New Car Bermuda Nov 2020 1

Ford Gifts Rodney Smith Jr With Brand New Car Bermuda Nov 2020 2

Ford Gifts Rodney Smith Jr With Brand New Car Bermuda Nov 2020 3

4Ford Gifts Rodney Smith Jr With Brand New Car Bermuda Nov 2020 4

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    I think that given the support Rodney Jr could be a tremendous influence on a lot of young Bermudian males.
    It’s a shame he’s not in a hurry to come home .

    • Grand Marquis says:

      The dollar is always green in the USA!!!

    • Dejavu says:

      It’s a shame he never done anything for Bermudians but gets constant news coverage

      • Toodle-oo says:

        At least compared to a lot of Bermudians who’ve moved to the UK in recent years the press coverage he’s gotten is positive for Bermuda.

      • @ Dejavu, Let me start by saying that your comment is very disrespectful and foolish, Here’s where I prove your comment wrong, Rodney Smith Jr. has done a lot for Bermuda and Bermudians and you are foolish to keep looking inside your little Bubble.

        Mr. Smith has given back to a community of people who are often forgot about, and the only time we remember these folk, is times like November 11th when we set aside a day of remembrance for War Veterans, and as Mr. Rodney Smith Jr. gives back to these deserving War Veterans in The United States of America, he is given all recognition to the God he serves and the Country in which he was Born, Bermuda.

        Mr. Smith widen his scope by travelling throughout the United States cutting grass for “FREE”, DID I MENTION FOR FREE, and not for public recognition, as your small mind might think, it’s his act of love and kindness that has awarded him the recognition, that he so rightfully deserves, I think that it’s only fitting that Mr. Rodney Smith’s story gets coverage on Bernews for two reasons, (1)The Timing could not have been better as we approach November 11th in 2 days time, War Veterans Day, and to because he is Bermudian.

        I congratulate him and his sibling and his parents, for it is truly showing the man that he is because of the upbringing that he has had from his parents. This man has met celebrities like Mr. Tyler Perry and so many wonderful Americans across the United States of America, just through his acts of kindness, and where is he from may I ask, oh just a little dot in the middle of nowhere called what, Bermuda I think.

        No people like Mr. Rodney Smith has help put Bermuda in a Greater light, from the acts of Kindness he has done and the recognition is our benefit, as he is one of our own, where proud of him, and for the hater’s, I simply say you will get over it.

    • T-Roy says:

      Come home for what? To be like so many Other Bermudians who are unemployed.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Unfortunately , I’m sure that’s one of the reasons that has factored in him wishing to remain where he is.

  2. Users says:

    Ford you fell for the ookie doke. Smith gonna milk that cow until everything he needs and wants is paid for by the people.

  3. JohnBoy says:

    I would think a van or truck would be more appropriate unless he already has one for his business. Nice gesture nonetheless.

  4. Jumper says:

    Entitled. Why does Rodney think America owes him something? They don’t want you, go somewhere else. But no. You ain’t gonna leave without kicking and shoving every door you know. 15? Can’t you be grateful for that? Or you looking for more handouts!

    • La Verdad says:

      Jumper you can take a flying leap with your negative attitude. Adiós!

  5. La Verdad says:

    Jumper you can take a flying leap with your negative attitude. Adiós!