Social Justice Bermuda: Govt’s First 100 Days

November 6, 2020

In anticipation of the opening of Parliament, the Social Justice Bermuda group prepared a document outlining their “suggested priorities for the Government’s First Hundred Days.”

Their suggestions include introducing legislation to protect against modern forms of sexual harassment and abuse via electronic means, including the introduction of ‘revenge porn’ legislation, hiring additional mental health professionals for both the Department of Corrections and the Department of Court Services to facilitate treatment programmes designed for rehabilitation of offenders, addressing the issue of food security by implementing a take home package meal program for students in need and more.

The full SJB First 100 Days report follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Spend, spend, spend … borrow. borrow, borrow.

    Whilst the suggestions are laudable, they do not take any account of our economic reality.

  2. Plethora says:

    Cost? Learn them up. A great shopping list. Where are the males on their committee of they want equality? What are the top 3 that can be done by March? What is their plan for a budget stripped of income? Dah.

  3. Chris Kringle says:

    Laughable. As the group attempt to ride that RC kick up the dust train. Lest it be known we don’t have a dictatorship in Governance. I encourage it best to voice concerns at the doorsteps. Don’t waste time writing a mandate for our Governments first 100 days or any beyond. Leave the Governance to the Government. #thenerve