Commissiong “Resignation” Is Positive Outcome

October 12, 2020

Social Justice Bermuda said that “while it is clear” Rolfe Commissiong “should never have been appointed, we see his resignation as a positive outcome.”

This follows after Mr Commissiong ostensibly “resigned” from Cabinet this weekend, with the Premier also advising the Governor to revoke his appointment to the Senate.

The appointment of the former MP, who did not run in the 2020 Election, sparked immediate outcry and his time in Cabinet marks one of the shortest in history, as it lasted just over 48 hours.

There will now be a new appointment made, with Premier David Burt saying, “The appointment of the Government Leader in the Senate and of the Senator who must, under the Constitution, be a member of the Cabinet, will be made in due course.”

Mr Commissiong’s resignation letter


Social Justice Bermuda was the first group to speak out against his appointment, releasing a statement hours after he was sworn-in saying they “listened in abject horror” as Mr Commissiong was appointed as a Minister and Senate Leader, and called for “this selection to be rescinded.”

Following the removal of Mr Commissiong from Cabinet, an SJB spokesperson said, “While it is clear to Social Justice Bermuda that Mr. Commissiong should never have been appointed, we see his resignation as a positive outcome. There was widespread outcry and this decision affirms the electorate does have a voice.

“We want to reiterate the urgency for the implementation of the Minister’s and Members Code of Conduct and call for other measures across the island to ensure safer work spaces for women.

“Hopefully, this situation has shone a light on the prevalence of sexual harassment and encouraged everyone to reflect on how we can all play a role in addressing gender inequity in the workplace.”

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  1. Let"s Keep It Real says:

    A political smart thing to do would be to ask Michael Scott to hold the post for at least one year. He knows Parliamentary procedure and he could mentor the other four new senators who have no know experience.

  2. Independent concerns says:

    Well where do we draw the line. If a matter is settled is it not settled? Fair enough the SJB may have a greater insight into the matter. Who are they? How much of the population do they represent? Legally they are operating in this case under hearsay. I am concerned because we already have the same sex marriage going to the privy council because of legalities, civil rights, and opposing positions of the government and a group of people in the community. Please understand that I am looking at the principal of it all and remind the public that our former Premier was able to sign a contract that was protested by a much larger group of Bermudians yet was not overturned and we must endure the backlashes of that contract for 30 years. The Crown, no less, even had objections to the contract and nothing has been done to rectify this situation. Why can’t Michael Dunkley’s administration be put before the privy council and let them cast their judgment? Seriously I want to know how a person who sunk the UBP, the OBA and the island’s finances yet never won an election as party leader can walk free and no one challenging what he has done in a dictatorship style move. Honestly Bermuda we can get this matter with Commissiong done and dusted in 48 hours with a smaller group of people but when the vast majority of people are crying out over something that was forced on us nothing is done how many years on. Not to mention how many years to go. All the evidence is right in front of our eyes for all to Google and see but a matter that we the onlookers cannot see the facts it’s a quick and decisive turn around. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!!!

    • Mine Eyes says:

      Yup what is going on? Why was there no noise made at all when D.B signed a multi million dollar contract over to Globalue after getting on their private jet? Nothing was said about that?

      Tell me how the airport contract is different from the Hospital

      We could go on forever.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Thank you !
        And let the slow learners know that the Globalhue deal was determined to be a ripoff and there was no quid pro quo with Jetgate. In other words no contracts were awarded to the guy with the jet .

  3. Quinton B Butterfield says:

    The Six were snoozing and SJB made the first move. Guess they are continuing the weak opposition theme…

    • Wahoo says:

      Well let me tell you who else is weak. It is David Burt. Clearly he was not alone appointing RC to the senate and cabinet – he had to have known it would be a folly I think his strings got pulled. He had to have expected some outcry but followed instructions. To his embarrassment the first cries came from a camp more closely affiliated with the plp! If only the OBA had made noise they would have been ignored. There is something wrong within the plp.

      • Interesting says:

        But yet the Obaubpers appointed a mp as Minister of Tourism with a even worst crime. What drug was it heroin!!!!!!!!

        • Toodle-oo says:

          That would be ‘worse’ not worst , but nonetheless you are right. I was never happy with that appointment either.

          • wahoo says:

            “Interesting” never disagreed with my point but I will take the high road I didn’t like the guy or his appointment but I might argue which crime is/was worserer.

  4. Watching says:

    How do you sack a guy twice for the same misdemeanour? Even your own supporters see through you Mr Burt!