Ministry: 42 Bus Runs Cancelled On Thursday

December 17, 2020

Bus service resumed today [Dec 17] after a suspension due to a staffer testing positive for Covid-19 last week, and The Ministry has released the list of bus cancellations for this afternoon, with the list indicating that there are forty-two bus runs cancelled today.

Bus Cancellations PM Bermuda Dec 17 2020

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  1. Wing nut says:

    So i guess there still not running.

  2. Albie says:


    There must have been thousands of bus runs cancelled in the last year or two.

    We never have an explanation.

    Many retirees and elder persons and the ever more scarce tourist rely on this public service and are constantly disappointed

    How many times have I picked up a potential bus rider after they have been excluded because the bus that just left may or may not have the prescribed maximum riders. Who checks?

    Let’s make certain that bus operators are at the front of the vaccination queue so they are more inclined to accept passengers when they should.

    Of course the big question is what if they will not have the vaccination? Seems to me that if they will not accept the vaccination they have determined that they cannot fully perform their job and so should resign. That would be the honorable thing to do.

  3. red rose says:

    Is the new bus schedule ‘coming soon’?