Shoppers Spent A Total Of $121,157 In EEZs

January 8, 2021

The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation’s “Eat, Shop, Play” Initiative — which is designed to incentivize customers to shop within BEDC’s three Economic Empowerment Zones [EEZs] in Somerset, North East Hamilton, and St. George’s –  has successfully concluded.

A spokesperson said, “Once again, for the second year, Ray Lambert, Director of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises [MSME] at the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC] and his team set out to increase economic activity within BEDC’s three Economic Empowerment Zones – Somerset, North East Hamilton and St. George’s – over the holiday season.

“Starting on Black Friday through December 31st, members of the public were encouraged to eat, shop and play in any of the EEZs for a chance to be entered into a shop to win draw.

“Anyone that spent $20 or more in any participating restaurant or store within the Economic Empowerment Zones were entered into a draw for a chance to win a $500, $300 or $200 gift voucher to their favourite participating restaurant or store in the EEZs.

Competition Winners, Charmaine of CN Hairloft & Tiny Tacklyn of Street Vibez

BEDC Eat Shop Play Initiative Bermuda Jan 2021

“This initiative is designed to incentivize customers to shop in the Zones, and it also provides an opportunity for the BEDC officers to engage with the shop owners and determine how best to support them during this holiday season.”

“It is our goal to encourage members of the public to expand their idea of where to spend their dollars during the holiday season. There are great locations outside of the City of Hamilton that many don’t often consider,” said Donte Hunt, BEDC Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise [MSME] Officer in charge of the North East Hamilton EEZ.

The spokesperson said, “During the shop to win draw, over 1200 vouchers were submitted, more than 70 businesses participated, and shoppers spent a total of $121,157 within the Somerset, North East Hamilton and St. George’s Economic Empowerment Zones.”

Ray Lambert said, “I am very pleased that we were able to continue this initiative, especially during what has been a very difficult year for businesses island wide. We were excited to bring it back for another year and its continued success fuels us and the participating businesses for the future.”

The spokesperson said, “BEDC added an additional two prizes this year – a $500 voucher for one lucky participating business in each zone and a Golden Ticket Prize which is a $500 voucher for the business where the first place prize for the shopper was drawn. The winning shoppers and businesses are as follows:


  • 1st Place Prize Winner – Leighnae Morton Richardson
  • 2nd Place Prize Winner – Luciana Tatem
  • 3rd Place Prize Winner – Stephanie Hughes
  • Winning Participating Store – Somerset Pharmacy
  • Golden Ticket Winning Business – CN Hairloft

North East Hamilton

  • 1st Place Prize Winner – Everton Dawes
  • 2nd Place Prize Winner – Danielle Richards
  • 3rd Place Prize Winner – Carolyn Paynter
  • Winning Participating Store – Nadz Beauty
  • Golden Ticket Winning Business – Street Vibes

St. George’s

  • 1st Place Prize Winner – Roxy Pearman
  • 2nd Place Prize Winner – Talent Clarke
  • 3rd Place Prize Winner – McKenzie Khol Tuckett
  • Winning Participating Store – Saltwater Jewelry
  • Golden Ticket Winning Business – The Things We Love

“All winning cash vouchers can be spent at one or multiple participating locations within a single EEZ.”

Dennis Carter, Junior MSME Officer in charge of St. George’s, said, “The Christmas Eat, Shop, Play Shop to Win Draw has been a truly successful campaign. By participating in this initiative, members of the public had the opportunity to explore and get to know new spaces. It was great for the zones, great for the businesses and fun for the shoppers too. A win all around.”

The spokesperson said, “BEDC is constantly working towards developing the three Economic Empowerment Zones. Excited about the success of the 2nd annual Shop to Win Draw, the BEDC looks forward to continuing to develop more initiatives like it that work to promote business within Somerset, North East Hamilton and St. George’s.”

Ondreyah Rochester, Junior MSME Officer in charge of the Somerset EEZ, said, “We were thrilled to offer this incentive to shop in the EEZs again and we look forward to continuing to do so in the years to come.”

The spokesperson said, “For more information about the EEZs and the Eat, Shop, Play Shop to Win Draw, please visit”

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  1. red rose says:

    How much did the first shop and win draw generate in terms of spending?

  2. Cow Polly says:

    $120K over three areas, what is the breakdown for each of the 3 EEZs? How many shops took part? what happened last year? difficult to assess if this really was successful without some more facts