Elaine Butterfield To Retire From WRC

February 16, 2021 | 1 Comment

Elaine Butterfield Bermuda Feb 2021The Executive Director of women’s advocacy charity, the Women’s Resource Centre [WRC] will retire mid-year, it was announced today.

Elaine Butterfield, who has served in both the public and charitable sectors for over three decades, said: “I am one of the most blessed people in the world to have had the opportunities that I have been afforded. Many have said that I have given much, but I see it as having received so much more.”

“I have had a diverse career history from serving as a Police Officer, to 18 years with the Bermuda Hospitals Board, to serving the Third Sector at The Chamber of Commerce, The Centre on Philanthropy and of course serving the phenomenal women of our community and their families through my current role.”

“What I will miss the most are the people. The privilege to work along with such caring and passionate people, as well as the chance to make a difference in the lives of women with so much potential has been immeasurable and life changing.

“I have learned so much about myself, and been exposed to an intricate understanding of our diverse community and why it is so important to ensure that everyone is respected and allowed to enjoy access to equal opportunity.”

Ms. Butterfield has also served on numerous Boards during her career including the Bermuda Women’s Council, the Bermuda Family Council, the Centre on Philanthropy, Board of Governors for Sandy’s Middle School and others.

A WRC Board spokesperson shared, “Elaine’s departure will be a sharp loss. Thankfully, her exemplary leadership has helped fortify the organisation to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and we could not be more grateful for how she has stewarded the WRC’s critical work.

“Elaine has provided administrative excellence together with a commitment to strategic collaboration and cooperation that is so essential for frontline community service. Thanks to Elaine’s steadfast efforts, we are excited to see the organisation evolve to meet the changing needs of the community and partners we serve, while honouring the legacy of those who have helped shape the WRC.”

“Part of her legacy is the establishment of the Transformational Living Centre [TLC] for Families, program which will be opening this year. The brain child of Ms. Butterfield and Ms. Sheelagh Cooper of Habitat for Humanity will be the first comprehensive transitional housing and transformational program for women and their children in our community. The program will be run by the WRC and Ms. Butterfield will continue to serve the TLC in the capacity as co- Chair of the program after she retires.

“The Women’s Resource Centre was founded in 1987 as the Rape Crisis Centre, a crisis intervention service for survivors of sexual assault. Through its 30 plus year history, the WRC has evolved its mandate and services to provide crisis support and educational programming for women and families.

“The WRC Board of Directors invite those interested in the Executive Director position to contact our Recruitment Partner – Stephanie Brown Tel: 535-7163 Email: apply@recruitment.bm.”

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  1. Carlisle Butcher says:

    Congratulations Elaine on reaching another milestone in your life, retirement,of service to your country. With so much more to offer you cannot hang-up your boots but will continue to offer you service.
    Again congrats and may you continue to live a long and rewarding life.

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