Masterworks: “183 And The Power Of WE”

February 22, 2021

The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art launched a campaign to “highlight the impact that collective efforts can have on the sustainability of the Museum” with the campaign entitled “183 and the Power of WE.”

Executive Director Risa Hunter said, “183 is the physical address of the Museum being located on 183 South Road, Botanical Gardens. Secondly, we firmly believe in the idea that each one of us can give collectively to a cause. ‘The Power of WE’ highlights the real impact each individual donation can have. A non-profit like ours is truly the sum of its parts and everyone should feel that they can play a role in giving back to their community.”

Masterworks Bermuda Feb 2021

Masterworks has recently launched its ‘Strategic Vision: 2021-2025′ which acts as the blueprint for the next four years at the Museum. As part of this, the Masterworks team has mapped out its Education Strategy for this year in a “direct response to the impact of the pandemic on local wellbeing.”

Ms Hunter said, “The next four years will be an extraordinary time, as we maintain our vibrant museum and undertake progressive projects. To realize our potential, we will be bold in our approach of driving our goals, including reaching a broader and more diverse audience, making art a stronger influence in our lives and using art as a means of enhancing connection across sectors of our community. We believe that building a shared understanding of Bermuda history and heritage through the visual arts, can forge stronger social cohesion.”

“I am extremely lucky to have an incredible team of Bermudians working alongside me to make this vision a reality. We have big dreams for Masterworks, but to get there we must focus on what is directly in front of us now. As we propel ourselves forward, we are seeking support for the launch of this Strategic Vision and our Education platform from both members and the broader community.”

Community Engagement Coordinator, Rebecca Raveneau further explains, “One gift of $183 can make all the difference for a small organisation likes ours. The Bermuda people, as a collective, have the power to sustain our museum so that it thrives in years to come.”

A sp0kesperson said, “If interested in this giving opportunity of $183 or a donation of any size, visit here. For any questions regarding donations or membership, reach out to Rebecca Raveneau at”

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