Salvation Army Thanks Bermuda Community

February 17, 2021

The Salvation Army has extended their thanks to the community for the support given to the 2020 Christmas Programme.

Major Rob Kerr said, “The Salvation Army would like to thank the Bermuda community for the overwhelming support given to the 2020 Christmas Programme. The Programmes include the Christmas Letter Appeal; The Christmas Hamper Program; The Secret Santa Toy Program; the Multiple Feeding Programs and the well-known Christmas Kettle Program.

“The Christmas Kettle Program was condensed in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 conditions, and partly as a result, fell short of the targeted $30,000. However, although the need increased this year, as was predicted, the Salvation Army was able to minister and serve all who presented. We wish to take this opportunity to thank the many, many volunteers that stood and manned the Kettles.

“They are all heroes who, knowing the pandemic risk and the increased need, sustained their volunteer times. We thank the students, adult volunteers, Churches, friends, businesses, civic organizations, council and board members that volunteered day after day, greeting people at the Kettle.

“A special thanks to the businesses that partnered with us and providing space in and outside, to set up the Kettle stands. Those who held special Christmas sale events during that jingle period.

“The Christmas Hamper & Toy Program was expanded this year with distribution at three different locations, in order to meet the need of those that are marginalized, as well as, those still struggling from the pandemic. We are grateful for the number of individuals, schools, Churches, business and civic organizations, food suppliers, farmers, food stores, wholesalers and so many others who unexpectedly contributed in so many ways.

“Special thanks go to organizers of “Fill the Truck” the radio personalities of Magic 102, who like others provided a venue and opportunity for the entire community to participate in the joy of giving. Thanks for your willingness to organize “community helping community”.

“The Salvation Army was able to minister and serve over 1,200 families, which represents well over 3,500 children, seniors and adults, during the Christmas Period. We say thanks to our partners who assisted us in over 300 persons at Special Dinners, and over 3,000 regular clients at our Feeding Program during the month.

“We are overjoyed to say that you the Bermuda community helped the Christmas Letter Appeal to exceed the stated goal of $500,000 for the 2020 Christmas Appeal. The entire community involving children, individuals; clubs; families; churches; small businesses; local businesses; international businesses; institutions and foundations; we express our heartfelt thanks.

“We praise God for Bermudians, a compassionate people, continuing to give of their time, expertise and resources to assist the Salvation Army in their mission of hope to others.”

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