‘Plastic Tidal Wave’ Art Installed At BUEI

May 20, 2021

A piece of art titled ‘Plastic Tidal Wave’ – which was created by more than 100 guests during BUEI’s World Water Day event on March 20 – was recently installed at the entrance to BUEI on Crow Lane.

A spokesperson said, “On March 20, during BUEI’s World Water Day event, more than 100 guests helped create a piece of art that also makes a statement. The piece, titled ‘Plastic Tidal Wave’, was recently installed at the entrance to BUEI on Crow Lane.

‘Plastic Tidal Wave’ – Artist and educator Hannah Horsfield displays a plastic bottle cap mural
created with the community during BUEI’s first World Water Day Event.

Plastic Tidal Wave Art BUEI Bermuda May 2021

“This mural is created from plastic bottle caps collected by the community island wide,” said BUEI education team member and artist Hannah Horsfield. “It represents the massive wave of plastic that consumes our everyday lives and will hopefully remind the public to reduce their daily plastic waste.”

“Created from a collection of over 2000 plastic bottle and container caps from contributors across Bermuda, the Plastic Tidal Wave represents a small sampling of the single use plastics that are disposed of everyday in households and businesses throughout Bermuda.

“Guests who participated in BUEI’s World Water Day celebration said that creating the mural was an engaging and educational experience,” said Karla Lacey, BUEI CEO. “Many stated that they intended to rethink their use of plastics which was a primary objective of this project.”

The Plastic Tidal Wave exhibit will be on display through the end of June and will then move to a location inside BUEI.”

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