Clearwater School Building Closed Today

June 1, 2021

Due to issues with the air conditioning, Clearwater Middle School building will be closed on Wednesday [June 2] and “remote-learning will be in place.”

The Minister of Education, Diallo Rabain said, “Last Thursday, the staff at the Clearwater Middle School reported air conditioning [A/C] problems, which resulted in high temperatures throughout the school.”

“Due to the holiday last week Friday, technicians were only able to get to the school late this afternoon to assess the A/C System and advise what repairs would be necessary.”

Minister Rabain added, “Earlier today, the principal was presented with a letter from the staff about the A/C issues as some staff and students were experiencing illness resulting from the heat. In the interest of Safety and Health, a decision was made to conduct classes outside for the remainder of the day.”

“The Ministry of Education apologises to all staff and students for this issue and are working with the Ministry of Public Works to have the necessary repairs done as quickly as possible.”

Minister Rabain concluded, “Technicians were on site this afternoon and will return to carry out additional work. As a precaution, the school building will be closed tomorrow so this work can be completed and to ensure that the system is functioning correctly.

“Staff, parents, and students are advised that remote-learning will be in place tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2nd. The Ministry will provide a further update later during the day.”

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  1. StantheMaintenanceMan says:

    Sad… You really closed the school because the air conditioning doesn’t work. Only class that had air conditioning when I was growing up was the computer room to keep the computers cool. Babyfying these youths today. Exactly why they can’t think for themselves moving around like clone drones.