70,731 Total Covid-19 Vaccinations Administered

June 1, 2021 | 8 Comments

As of May 29th, there have been a total of 70,731 vaccinations given, with 52.1% of the population having received two doses thus far.

In releasing the latest test results, the Government also provided vaccination statistics saying, “With respect to the Vaccination Campaign, we have completed the twentieth full week of vaccinations.

“Since January 11th Bermuda has administered a total of 70,731 vaccinations – a figure that rises to 71,114 if you include vaccinations on Sunday May 30th and Monday May 31st as well.

”Of the 70,731 vaccinations given as of May 29th:

  • 52% are women, and,
  • 48% are men.

”78.8% of all residents over the age of 65 years have had at least one vaccination and 73.6% are fully immunized. To date, 58.3% of the population has been vaccinated [1 dose], and 52.1% of the population has been immunized [2 doses].”

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website BermudaCovid.com, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Rachel says:

    So we are 58% vaccinated and with a week to go, we will fail to get our 70% target. A government disgrace.

    That is insane. Shame on the unvaccinated, an incredibly selfish choice.

    • MissT says:

      “Shame on the unvaccinated”
      And who are you, God?
      You don’t know people’s reasoning for not being vaccinated, and your judgment is what is shameful!
      FYI, I am not in a position to be vaccinated, as my doctor has told me several times that my antibody count is way too high from my previous covid infection. I test positive for covid every week, and being vaccinated while still having a high viral load can be extremely dangerous. People like you are dangerous, and the reason why there is so much division on this island. I am far from anti-vax, but I get the apprehension. I watched a friend of mine become deathly ill after getting her vaccine, only to find out it was because she got it too close to when she had covid. Not everything is a conspiracy, people’s fear of this vaccine is very valid. And saying shame on them is very toxic and quit frankly pathetic.

  2. Andrew says:

    I dont see how the vaccination percentages are the governments fault. They cant force people to take it.

    • Question says:

      It’s a clear failure of leadership. Their messaging has been hopeless. A great (free) opportunity for Bermuda has been squandered.

      • LOL (original) says:

        The whole world got the narrative wrong. Wonder why. Orange man bad…….

        LOL cause nothing that came out of his mouth was true? LOL

  3. Red Pill says:

    Disinfecting surfaces to prevent Covid often all for show, CDC advises. Wakey Wakey!

  4. Red Pill says:

    CDC will decrease coronavirus quarantine time from 14 to 7-10 days. From December 2020. Wakey Wakey!

  5. Richard says:

    But what percentage of adults have been vaccinated? It may be that 90+% of adults have been, with the remainder being children who aren’t eligible. UK now reporting percentage of adults (about 75%); why don’t we?

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