Video: BNV Interview With Five Doctors

June 9, 2021

Dr. Henry Dowling, Dr. Amne Osseyran, Dr. Ayeesha Peets-Talbot, Dr. Amani Flood and Dr. Kuni Frith are joining Bernews this evening [June 9] for the latest episode in the Bernews News & Views series.

All are involved in a new series — entitled “Beyond the Pandemic” — which is being billed as “an eye-opening local television series designed to break the silence, reveal true stories, and share solutions that can help us all get beyond the pandemic.”

A spokesperson previously said, “This series is a grassroots initiative embarked upon collectively, by the Emperial Group and a growing group of concerned health professionals from various disciplines, in response to what they were hearing from their clients, coupled with loud cries from the community for more balance, inclusion and objectivity in conversations pertaining to the pandemic.”

The live video has concluded and the one hour replay is below:

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  1. Sarah says:

    How many of these are medical doctors?

    • Ashley says:

      All of them Sarah- just say you want to be ignorant to an opposing view and go *roll eyes*

      • What’s Up Doc? says:

        Actually, at least one is not in the traditional definition. Her work might best be described as adjuvant therapy to main stream medicine.

        By the way, Dr. Osseyran is an excellent physician working in a large traditional practice.

    • Question says:

      I’d seek medical advice from Don Burgess before asking the other participants.

    • #Facts says:

      DR Peets-Talbot, Dr Osseryan, Dr Dowling are all medical doctors (MD)

  2. Please can you address:
    *The 2000+ Recovereds and their Immunity
    *The Hotel Segregation and Discrimination between the Vaxed and the Non Vaxed
    *12-15 year old receiving the vax

  3. No Luxury Hotel Quarantine.
    Give every returning resident a health pack of Ivermectin.

  4. Eugene Dean is phenomenal!
    We must Thank him for his tireless efforts to make this interview possible!!!!

  5. Gordon says:

    I am afraid that we have been subjected to an hour of half truths, straw men and misinformation.

    • Gordon Remain Quiet says:

      @gordan keep quiet you are probably a puppet.

    • Exactly says:

      I agree. Half truths etc. It is okay if that is their belief but now they can influence others who will follow Them. As they all say….it is their right to decide so let them decide. Makes sense to me .

  6. A fellow human says:

    This was such a useful conversation. These doctors are not saying the vaccines are bad, in fact they point out they can be very helpful. They are also saying there are other forms of treatment to consider as well. The “you’re either with us or against us” mentality – on both sides – needs to stop. It’s not productive, and it’s creating confusion and even more division within our community.

  7. Sandra says:

    And who’s the main culprit for causing the division……DAVID BURT!!!!!

  8. watching says:

    wow I watched and while entitled to their opinions, the disrespect and arrogance shown by many of them was interesting. they made allegations against the government and health department and other doctors which are unproven yet they are running with them as though gospel. it was unfortunate to see.
    I will stick to my ‘traditional’ doctor who has served me well and who has never spoken negatively or offensively of his colleagues, unlike this bunch.

  9. Rebecca B says:

    I am a big fan of all that Eugene Dean has done for my island home. A Bermudian with a heart of gold for our environment and for all fellow human beings. Respect! I believe at this point that the inoculated will be the ones who will save each other and save those who choose to not get the Covid-19 vaccine. However when stronger variants get here and spread through the community, it will be those who have no protection that will be at deadly risk. So to those who are willing to take the chance, so be it. The vaccines have proven to be the life savers and what is allowing millions upon millions of people to get back to their lives. The safety factor has been very evident with millions upon millions of people. The cry you all are sticking to began at the fearful beginning. But now with time passed and the results of the vaccines, your cry should be over, your concerns laid to rest. Pandemics have happened throughout the history of the world. And the new ones that mutate will be much worse.

    • Peggy Burns says:

      Rebecca B,

      You said: “The vaccines have proven to be the life savers and what is allowing millions upon millions of people to get back to their lives. The safety factor has been very evident with millions upon millions of people.”

      You must live in a different world–a world of denial, a world with no respect/regard for the truth. Remove your blinders and ear plugs. Put your mind in gear before opening your mouth or exposing your thoughts on the written page. Time will tell/reveal what effect the manmade concoction will have produced on the part of those who have offered themselves as human sacrifices on the altar of a $elect few (the moneyed) who don’t give a damn. Yes, the $elect few (the moneyed) who have not taken their own medicine.

  10. Francis says:

    Impressive,informed and very well presented discourse. Congradulations to all concerned.