Column: Revolve Party, Blunders, Missteps, More

June 9, 2021

[Opinion column written by the OBA’s Dwayne Robinson]

Time and time again this Government has been called out for selective enforcement of Covid regulations, and selective event exemptions. The Premier and his Government have had a slew of public relations missteps including last year’s restaurant debacle, the controversial construction exemption, and subsequent opening celebration. They may have been feebly explained by the Government, but the perception of a double standard remains.

After all these incidents, one would think the Premier and his Cabinet would be wise to these sorts of blunders; that they would ensure that Bermudians have no reason to question that these regulations of physical distance, mask wearing, and limited gatherings apply to all. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Recently there was an event in Bermuda called ‘Revolve around the World’ where social media influencers and celebrities gathered to showcase a certain location. Footage and pictures have been posted of the attendees of this event blatantly breaching the physical distancing and mask wearing regulations that are mandatory in our island and stipulated in their Government granted exemption posting.

What message does this send to Bermudian event coordinators who have been unable to host renowned local events and the Bermudians who were unable to attend them? How many birthdays have been postponed and family gatherings cancelled to comply with regulations to keep Bermuda safe?

While the Premier has said that the incident will be investigated, what will really be the outcome? Will there be real consequences for a group who is probably on their way to their next destination without a second thought any day now?

Bermudians are experiencing Covid fatigue, they are stressed, and frustrated. Many have fallen on economic hardships and are struggling to feed their families. Yet Bermudians have been mostly compliant, as shown by our recent Covid numbers. It is incumbent of this Government to give the people of Bermuda solid responses and not hide behind the veil of being ‘unaware’.

Each one of these blunders erodes public opinion and confidence in the Government, which puts the level of compliance in jeopardy.

I hope for a thorough and transparent response on this matter from the Premier or Minister of National Security, and am optimistic that Premier Burt and the Bermuda Police Service will liaise for coordinated efforts to prevent Covid breaches like what has occurred at ‘Revolve around the world’ from happening again.

- Dwayne Robinson is a former Senator for the OBA


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Comments (13)

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  1. For real says:

    Very tasteless location for the event as well, considering the recent family tragedy on the adjacent property

    • question says:

      Ming presumably signed the approval. She is the one with no judgment. Mind you, she is still working out what a jetski is.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I would have never voted for the PLP had I known how the Premier is acting right now. His motto seems to be to do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t get caught, and if he does get caught to act dumb. The PLP’s first term in office under Premier Burt was really good, but now the arrogance of the PLP of old is showing itself again.

    This hotel quarantine thing is really turning me off, especially in light of all the rules that Burt & Co are breaking themselves. In my opinion, Burt must go. This man cares nothing for Bermuda or Bermudians, he only pretends to.

    • watching says:

      I am confused. what does this event have to do with the Premier? He didn’t break any rules in this event. He wasn’t even there. If anything shouldn’t questions be asked of the Minister of National Security, whose office would have given permission?

      • truthhertz says:

        If you think for one minute our social media Premier had no knowledge of this event then you are absolutely clueless or a blind partisan.

        It was the Premier, a few years back, that spent left over AC monies (>100k) to bring down so called ‘influencers’ as a tourism gimmick. Which I would say failed spectacularly.

      • truthhertz says:

        Also, the Premier deemed himself in charge of tourism. So again, if you think he knew nothing then you truly aren’t ‘watching’ anything.

  3. If no one is officially charged before the courts for the raft up and the events protocols being broken, this Government needs to refund every Bermudian that has been halted before the courts and fined for any breaches previously broken, and all others awaiting court appearances for breaching covid 19 restrictions, all charges should be dropped.

    This Government is very wrong for the division that they continually allow to take place, for the two Bermuda’s they have created, and just to think that they blamed The O.B.A for doing the exact thing a few years ago, that they themselves are blatantly doing at present.

  4. wahoo says:

    Burt by now knows that you can get away with anything by changing the subject. Will the investigation of the Horticultural Hall ever be made public?

  5. Baffled says:

    If we can dine in, why cant we raft up? If we can have parties without going over the mandated numbers, why cant we raft up?
    Burt, your loosing the plot. People are fed up with your double standards. You and your whole elitist team must exit NOW. NOT THE PLP I VOTED FOR. We Bermudians and residents have been put through the ringer and you and your UNAWARE minister of National Security need to step down. Your so worried about the almighty US dollar that it now has become a matter of “Do as I say, not as I do”
    This matter of non raft up makes no sense at all. PLP HAVE LOST THE PLOT.

  6. dunn juice says:

    He can always just create an app for that, got the safekey, maybe a dowhatiwantkey

  7. Observer says:

    Come on folks, give the government a break for a minute. Permission was given to hold an event with definitive health conditions attached. The conditions were not complied with and it is being investigated.

  8. Ronda says:

    Is it the elected majority government aka the legislative branch of government who enforces laws or is it the Bermuda Police Service.

  9. Guy Carri says:

    The PLP and premier do whatever they want and the Bda public DOES NOTHING. We are little sheep and pawns. They use us when they need us and do NOTHING to help us in the meantime.
    The premier believes he is above and better than everyone else. He doesn’t have to follow his own rules because he runs the island. He is arrogant and more and more like a dictator.
    PLP – get rid of him. He is sinking your ship. I know you are afraid of him bc he fires anyone who gets close, but you NEED to get it together. He is not the PLP that we voted for!!! The elders are turning in their graves!!