New Candle Scent Honours Ahmani Peets

June 27, 2021

Penny & Drum announced the release of its new candle scent as part of their “Be The Light” campaign to honour Bermudian Autism advocate Ahmani Peets.

A spokesperson said, “Penny & Drum is releasing a new candle scent as part of their “Be the Light” campaign to honour Bermudian Autism advocate Ahmani Peets with a candle scent of the same name.

“Ahmani, along with his family, run the popular Ahmani’s Cookie Company in Bermuda and also happens to be on the Autism spectrum. He uses every opportunity to educate and support the local community about the condition and be a positive role model, all while making delicious cookies and cakes.

Penny & Drum Bermuda June 2021

“Our company is inspired by the positivity, kindness, and work ethic of Ahmani and his family and are thrilled to be able to give tribute to them in this way.

“At first, we discussed making a cookie-scented candle, but since his name means ‘Peace’, we decided to go with a serenity inducing scent instead. We used calming eucalyptus and soothing pine notes as well as fresh green florals and rosemary, and using Bermuda cedar as a base. It is a very spa-like, relaxing, and light scent.”

“All proceeds from the purchase of this candle go to help Bermudian families procure speech therapy.”

“This new candle scent is available online at and at The Island Shop and the gift shop at BUEI along with our other best-selling favorites: the famous Bermuda Rum Swizzle, The Tempest, Ginger Beer, Crystal Caves, and Morning Beautiful People. “

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