Videos: Child Abuse Awareness Campaign

June 9, 2021

SCARS, The Coalition for the Protection of Children, and The Family Centre are collaborating on a child sexual abuse awareness campaign this month.

A spokesperson said, “The message of the campaign is to discuss child sexual abuse and to illustrate the connection between many afflictions we see in some adults. These afflictions include how coping with eating disorders, drug abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, etc, could be rooted in child sexual abuse. Not only is the act abhorrent, but it causes negative and extremely heterogeneous ripple effects.”

Hafid James, the Creative Art Director for the project, said, “There is an animated video we hope people will see on all our varied social media platforms, selected websites as well as on Channel 82 that will show the importance of protecting our children’s childhood to give them the best chance to succeed in the future.

“Please share it and start an open conversation about it. I feel talking about it and having those uncomfortable conversations is one major hurtle we have to break through to have a breakthrough.

“Along with the visuals, these great organisations will be making various radio, podcast and video interviews to help have these conversations and we want the community to contribute. Call in, share a story, ask a question, see what resources are available to you or someone you know who might be in need.”

The spokesperson said, “Debi-Ray Rivers, Founder and Executive Director of SCARS, a charity which focuses on teaching adults about prevention and whose mission is to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and to be an advocate and voice for children, was on On All Fronts with Dr. Lew Simmons this past Wednesday.

“Kelly Hunt, Executive Director of The Coalition of the Protection of Children, whose mission is to heighten public awareness of children’s issues, advocate on behalf of families and provide services which address critical but unmet needs will be on On All Fronts with Dr. Lew Simmons on Wednesday the 9th on Magic 107.2 from 8pm-10pm.

“Susan Richardson, Director of Counselling Services for the Family Centre, which provides critical intervention services to children suffering from emotional, social, behavioural and trauma-based challenges will be a guest alongside Kevina-Lorae’ Santucci and TeAnn Hassell of Real Uncensored on a special show hosted by Hafid James on June 22nd at 11am.

“All the groups plan to appear on Bernews BNV on June 14th as well with as Rusty G [TBA].

“To learn more about these groups or ways you can help, please visit:

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