Barnes & Barbosa Conclude In Grand Prix

September 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

Karting racers Scott Barnes and David Barbosa were back in action competing in the Rock Island Grand Prix in Illinois.

Barnes took to the course in the Margay Ignite Masters – Main Event Race, recording a time of 10:02.683, finishing 2nd. Barbosa finished 7th with a time of 10:40.966

During the Briggs Masters – Main Event Race, Barnes finished 2nd with a time of 9:51.003.

Barbosa finished 8th in the Margay Ignite Senior 1 – Main Event clocking a 15 lap time of 10:22:14, Barnes crossed the line 13th with a 12 lap time of 8:21:317.

Barnes finished 4th in the King of the Streets – Main Event clocking a time of 11:07.289.

Barnes finished 6th during the King of The Rock – Briggs 206 – Main Event, Barnes stopped the clock at 9:46:434. Barnes did not finish during the Open Shifter / Shifter Masters – Main Event.

Barnes closed out the day winning the Margay Ignite Senior 2 – Main Event with a time of 10:01.149, Barbosa was 12th clocking 10:22.663.

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