2021 Bermuda Sandcastle Competition Winners

September 6, 2021

The annual Bermuda Sandcastle Competition took place this past Saturday [Sept 4] at Horseshoe Bay Beach, with Abigail Kempe, Anna Balada, Adrienne Smatt, and Lindsey Cubbon of Team Monsters Inc winning the Best Overall Prize, earning $1,000.

Posting the images below on the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition’s Facebook page, the organisers said, “Saturday came and went in a blur of anticipation, weather prayers, excitement, chaos, sunshine, windy, tent rocking squalls [most of which missed us], inspiring pink sand sculptures, and dedicated smiling sweaty faces.

“I cannot thank each and every participant enough for coming out and creating such amazing works of art. Huge thank you to our sponsors Hamilton Princess, Bermuda, OIL group, Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery, Bermuda Championship, Barritt’s Ginger Beer, Gorham’s Bermuda and Bermuda Biscuits for all your support.

“We would not be possible without you! Congratulations to our ‘Best on the Beach’ winners this year: Team Monsters Inc! Team Monsters Inc. has entered our competition for the last 5 years.

Team Monsters Inc Bermuda Sept 2021 1

“Steadily working their way up from third in 2017, to second in 2018 and first in their category for the last two years. Finally reaching the top prize of $1000 and “Best on the Beach.” I think their smiles say it all.”

Abigail Kempe, Anna Balada, Adrienne Smatt, and Lindsey Cubbon “delivered in an epic way,” the organisers said, explaining that “What really happened to the Tucker Cross’ wowed the judges with its story, use of plot space, multiple levels from tunnels to hills, textures and details.

Bermuda Sandcastle Competition Overall Winner Sept 2021

“This castle had it all. ’What really happened to the Tucker Cross’ was the winner of the Best on the Beach prize by team Monsters Inc.”

“Adult category. We always put our adults at the far end of the beach to finish with a wow factor and they did not disappoint! First place team White Horse Bermuda with a heart string pulling tribute to Haiti and the women of Afghanistan.

“Second place Team Sargent Majors with an octopus in a moon gate. Third place Team Sunshine with a whale battling a giant squid.

“Team White Horse [formerly Team Amazon] always takes sand to a new level. They use it to spread social awareness as well as showcasing their amazing artistic skills. ‘Our hearts are with Haiti’ gives us all the feels.

Bermuda Sandcastle Competition Adult Category Sept 2021

“Tourist category. We were sorry to only get two tourist teams entered this year. We know travel is down due to Covid and so we took heart from seeing previous year’s winners on the beach during our workshops [sadly they were flying out the next day].

“We also got an email from a past tourist team wishing us well and promising to return next year. This is the kind of impact we want to have with our visitors. This year’s teams were troopers with the changeable weather and went home with big smiles and a reason to return.

“Joshua Simoes is a regular summer traveler to our island. We may as well call him a local long tail.”

Bermuda Sandcastle Competition Tourist Category Sept 2021

“Family category. This is by far our most popular category, with lots of repeat entrants dedicated to building every year. First place was ‘The Castle’ by Lily’s team. Second place was ‘Pigs in a blanket’ by the Fun family. Third place was ‘Old school’ by team Fam Bam.

“The Bermuda Championship Prize went to ‘Dragon and Egg’ by Team Bff’s. Give them a few years and we have faith these teams will be vying for best on the beach in no time.”

Bermuda Sandcastle Competition Family Category Sept 2021

“Lily’s team took home first prize this year with a classic sandcastle build. The imposing entrance, moat, arches in the back, brick work and attention to detail is what really sold it for the judges.” Video below by Jroc for Bernews.

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