Column: Opportunities For Our Young People

November 24, 2021

[Opinion column written by Senator Owen Darrell]

We hear you! Young people are frustrated about the availability of jobs and opportunity. They see the red tape of bureaucracy and their lack of access to capital and think that they can’t make their dreams come true. They see people working with skills they want, and they think it would be too costly to obtain those skills.

What I want young people to know – and, I want you to forward this to the young people in your life who feel like the system is stacked against them – is that there are tons of resources available to help you get a job, start a business and build a career.

What is your passion? What do you enjoy doing?

Do you have an idea for a business? The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation has classes and resources that they will literally walk you through the process of starting that business. They can help you get capital. They can help you with business plans. They can put you on your way.

Do you want to learn a skill? Well, not only is Bermuda College free for those in need, but the government is announcing new courses and opportunities all the time to help you get skills. The Department of Workforce Development has information on these classes, apprenticeships, internships and training opportunities to get you the skills you need.

Do you need help getting a job? There are not only job boards online, but also help available that helps you put together a resume, dress for success and train you on how to succeed in an interview. You can access these resources at

Do you want to become a leader? We’re reforming the government to involve young people in policy development, including the national youth policy. As an addition to existing programmes like Youth Parliament, we will be forming the Association of National Youth Organisations and Bodies to bring young leaders together to empower young people.

Do you want to excel in sports? There are plenty of opportunities to gain support for your athletic dreams. The National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Programme is available and has helped 172 young people gain funding to help them achieve their sporting goals.

The Bermuda Government will also soon be rolling out the Youth Sponsorship Programme to provide sponsorship to people with a dream. That dream could be in the arts, oration, culinary arts, science, technology, engineering, STEM or any dream you may have.

Your PLP government is here to provide opportunities to our young people. As an educator, and former Youth Parliament advisor , I have seen first hand the potential of our youth. I want to see this potential realized in the fullest way possible.

At the end of the day, our role as government is to provide an open door. Your role is to walk through that door. Our door is open. Will you answer the call?

- Owen Darrell


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  1. Unfortunately, it is true that really often the young generation is disappointed with availability of jobs and opportunity and really often it is truly justified. I think it is really important for young people to not be limited by choice and to fulfill their potential. Everyone wants to have an opportunity to apply himself in the sphere he truly likes and relish this. It is so respectful and valuable that in your article you covered such an important topic and informed about such wonderful resources which will help young people to implement all their aspirations and be engaged in what they desire.