Column: Celebrating Flora And Clarence

October 25, 2021

[Opinion column written by MP Neville Tyrrell]

Minister Ernest Peets and the entire team at the Ministry of Community and Cultural Events accomplished a first-class job putting together an event that not only honoured our first Olympic Gold medalist – the incomparable Flora Duffy -

The event was classy and well organized and we’re now all proud to call a hill she and so many Bermudian athletes have trained on – Flora Duffy Hill.

Highlights of Flora Duffy’s celebratory motorcade:

We would like to thank all those who organized the logistics of that great day, the unveiling of the new sign on the hill. The Stamp Advisory Committee that designed a stamp to honour Flora, the renaming of the Southern pavilion at the National Sports centre, and the many talented local artists that performed at the tribute concert.

As importantly, we wish to thank the hundreds of Bermudians that came out to support every step of the way

Everything was seamlessly carried out without a hitch. It showed that even in these challenging times- we can still come together safely and securely to honour the accomplishments of our people.

Highlights of Flora Duffy Stadium & Hill renaming:

The success of the event and the olympic success of Ms. Duffy and Mr. Hill, will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of Bermudian athletes to never feel limited in what they can accomplish

We now know that even though we’re from tiny Bermuda, it does not mean that we cannot be the best in the world if we train hard and put our mind to it.

Both Clarence and Flora have given us that inspiration.

One of the Facebook covers featuring quotes from Flora Duffys’s speech

Flora I am from Bermuda paved the way Facebook coverr

Seeing the young children line the roads welcoming Flora home served as a powerful piece of history for future generations, that despite coming from a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, they too can put Bermuda on top of the World.

So, congratulations once again Flora Duffy. Congratulations Clarence Hill. And thank you to Minister Peets and his entire team for doing an incredible job honouring their accomplishment and inspiring the next generation of Bermudian athletes.

- Neville Tyrrell


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