Column: Senator Simmons On Climate Change

November 5, 2021

[Column written by PLP Senator Lindsay Simmons]

Climate change is real. It’s happening. It’s getting worse.

The inconvenient truth is that small vulnerable islands such as Bermuda are the ones that are going to feel the brunt of the pain.

We have already begun witnessing the following; stronger and more frequent hurricanes, changes in sea temperature which will dramatically impact all aspects of our blue economy including our fisherfolk, cliff erosion erosion and increased flooding in low lying areas.

It is clear that climate change is already upon us.

It will also impact our reinsurance sector who will have to pay out bigger and bigger claims as various eco-disasters impact their downstream client base.

The consequences for Bermuda and all small island states are real and we are the ones paying the price.

The COP26 summit currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland presents a unique opportunity for Bermuda and other small islands to tell our story to the world’s powers. Speaking as one, we will advocate for the big polluters to take responsibility for their actions and ensure that those who are adversely impacted have support.

Of course, Bermuda is playing our role.

We are placing a massive emphasis on renewable energy with the development of the 6 MW solar farm on the airport, funding solar on government buildings all across the island, and providing incentives for rooftop solar,

This includes the duty free importation of solar panels and equipment.

In addition, we are working with BELCO to promote long term renewable energy, introducing electric buses, moving forward with a ban on single use plastics, and introducing vertical farming initiatives that will help towards domestic food security.

At COP26, Bermuda has united with other Overseas Territories, Anguilla, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos and the Virgin Islands.

The Overseas Territories, other CARICOM nations, and small islands around the world will work together to ensure that the industrialized nations’ polluters provide protections for those of us most at risk from climate change.

Bermuda, it is up to all of us to get serious about catastrophic climate change, because if we do not the future generations will suffer most.

- Senator Lindsay Simmons


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Comments (4)

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  1. LOL - the real one says:

    Respectfully, Senator Simmons is simply spouting talking points on a subject that she has not taken the time to learn. She has failed to conduct even the most rudimentary due diligence. How can I say those things? I am an accepted IPCC technical expert and reviewed AR5 & AR6.

    For example, even the IPCC finally admitted a fact!
    The IPCC report states there is a “low confidence” (less than 20%) that we have seen a human-caused increase in intense hurricanes, which is even less confident than the 2007 assessment. Influencing this conclusion is a widely cited 2010 review paper published by ten of the leading hurricane experts, “Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change.”

    “Climate change” is due to Mother Nature and is unstoppable. Politicians and environmentalists used input from focus groups to rebrand to a nebulous phrase. The old “anthropogenic global warming theory” (AGW) was too complex a phrase for the public to swallow. Governments worldwide now have a secure foothold on taxes, wealth transfer, and control of every industry under the excuse of saving the planet. Readers may have noted that with CO2 thoroughly demonized (a gas essential for life on earth), governments have now turned their attention to evil methane.

    AR6, the IPCC’s latest report, is not a Bible nor any guideline for a sane government. The report summarizes 14,000 cherry-picked reports using made-up panic phrases (severe this, extreme that, etc.) for a predetermined outcome. These phrases do not appear in the AMS Glossary of Meteorology and NOAA’s glossary for terms. The list of fear-mongering terminology is LONG!

    For those who came in late, the IPCC replicated the results of ZERO of those 14,000 papers. Within those 14,000 papers, the researchers replicated ZERO of the papers they cited. ZERO. Garbage In, Garbage Out.
    This is just the tip of the HUGE iceberg. The IPCC does not offer any balance in their reports – no dissenting opinions are allowed. For example, tectonic plate shifting is the second most powerful force on earth that lifts continents and sinks islands—ignored for any influence on the sea level.

    In closing, going green as an excuse to save the planet is both absurd and expensive. Solar panels typically work 15% to 18% of the time. Wind turbines slightly more. Weasel word – “capacity.” GREEN NEVER WORKS AT 100% “CAPACITY.” Would anyone in Bermuda buy a car that only runs 20% of the time when you need it? How about a pacemaker? Would anyone use a doctor whose diagnosis is correct 20% of the time? COME ON PEOPLE! WISE UP! Take the time and do your own research using this thing called the Internet.

    PS. I have yet to meet anyone in Bermuda or anywhere else, who believes in climate change that has read even one of the debunked 97% of climate scientists agree in man-made global warming papers. But how many times do they say “But 97% of scientists agree!”

    Thank you and I hope this gets published.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    A 3 year old could put forward a more relevant piece on climate change. Simmons is a PLP Senator. Clearly she has no idea of the amount of unnecessary imports into Bermuda which could be stopped and help climate change. She is Government, do something tangible. Example, why does Bermuda import water in plastic bottles from all over the world when Bermuda has the best water? Ban it now. Never happen because it takes effort while talking costs nothing. Just like today’s Throne Speech.

    • JAYBIRD says:

      What about some more practical short term steps – like actually recycling the plastics that we import – or maybe mandating that all new motor vehicles imported to the Island must be electric beginning in 2023 – or even 2024.

      Both are very easy for this government to accomplish.