One Launches Unlimited Data Roaming In U.S.

November 17, 2021

One Communications announced today [Nov 17] that it has expanded the benefits of their Carry-On Roaming mobile product, with “unlimited data in the United States each day.”

A spokesperson said, “One Communications announced today that it has expanded the benefits of its popular Carry-On Roaming mobile product. When customers travel to the United States, they will now receive for the first time, unlimited data roaming.

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“For the same $8/day all Postpaid customers will now have access to unlimited data in the United States each day, with 250MB of data at full-speed. The change will be made to the Carry-On Auto Pack which, until now, was limited to 100MB of data per day. Customers remain in complete control of their data roaming spending with no overages, no surprises, and a lot more data.

“Once the 250MB full-speed data allotment is exhausted the Carry-On Roaming Pack will allow continued data roaming at reduced speeds. Once the speed is reduced, the product is specifically designed to facilitate communications like messaging, voice calls over applications, Google Maps, etc., without any further purchases.

“Customers who require more than 250MB of full-speed data per day can purchase more from the Carry-On Web Portal. The Daily Pack is still $8 but now contains 250MB of full-speed data, increased from 100MB. The Weekly Pack is still $60 but contains 2,000MB of full-speed data, increased from 750MB.”

“It has been one-year since the launch of Carry-On Roaming,” said Brian Lonergan, Chief Commercial Officer, “and we are excited to now offer Unlimited Roaming in the United States.

“The goal has never changed; we want to provide our customers with a great experience on their smartphones when travelling abroad, while creating absolute certainty around the cost of that service. Unlimited data roaming in the United States is a perfect way to achieve this, and we intend to expand that same great experience to as many other countries as possible in the near future.”

“While designing this product the most important consideration was keeping our customers connected at all times while traveling. The reduced data speeds are purposely designed to allow users to keep in touch with voice calls through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc., while browsing websites and social media and finding their way with Google Maps, all without the need to buy more data during the day.”

“Details of the new Carry-On Roaming plan can be found on One Communication’s website, here. The product is also included in all postpaid Corporate plans and details can be found here.”

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